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You should measure things you care about. If you’re not measuring, you don’t care and you don’t know.

– Steve Howard, Chief Sustainability Officer, IKEA


REC Trading in December’13

The number of Non-Solar buy bids increased this month as compared to November. Solar buy bids also increased as compared to last month with clearing price remaining at floor price - Rs. 9300/REC. The table below summarizes the trading for December on each of the Power Exchanges - IEX and PXIL Here are a few numbers and graphs with respect to Solar and Non-Solar REC trading in December Non-Solar REC trading: The demand for non-solar RECs increased this month by 30.73% as compared

JNNSM Phase II Batch I – Extension of last date and other Updates

Recently on 20th December, Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) announced the extension of the last date of submission of bids in response to setting up 750 MW grid connected solar photovoltaic projects under JNNSM Phase II Batch I. The last date has now been extended from 28th December, 2013 to 20th January, 2014 (Up to 12.30 hrs). As per the announcement, this extension has been made based on various requests SECI/MNRE received for the same. It also mentioned that a document with amendment

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