Andhra Pradesh Solar – Commercial Bid details

by Pradeep

…[Update 1 - 7th March, 2013: Name of Location No.14 should be Pedatadepalli and not Jangareddygudem as mentioned in all the PQ/Technical bid/Commercial bid excel sheet made available at the time of bidding. Jangareddygudem is the name of Location No.13. ]…

…[Update 2 - 7th March, 2013: Details of L1 bidders at each location have been published]…

…[Update 3 - 23rd March, 2013: L1 bidder for Peddashankarampeta (Location No.75) has been updated from Astonfield Renewables Pvt. Ltd. (Bid Price: Rs.7.48/Kwh) to Essel Mining and Industries Ltd. (Bid Price: Rs.6.5299/Kwh)]…


As previously announced, APTRANSCO held a meeting on 5th March, 2013 for Price Bid opening for the recently concluded AP Solar bidding.

[Check out our previous blogpost containing Technical Bid analysis here.]

During the meeting, APTRANSCO announced list of bidders who are technically qualified. 181 out of the original 184 bidders have been announced as technically qualified. Check out the APTRANSCO document containing the complete list here.

It may come as a surprise to a lot of bidders that 3 new companies – ACME Tele Power Ltd., NCS Sugars Limited, Tesla Projects Pvt. Ltd. –  have been allowed by APTRANSCO to participate in the bidding under High Court Orders despite the fact that these companies have submitted only hard copies (no online submission was done within the deadline date). The alarming fact is that these 3 companies together have added 300 MW of bid capacity. This puts the total bid capacity at 1712 MW from 330 bids (not considering the bid capacity and no. of bids from the 3 disqualified bidders). Despite the clamour in the meeting room by several attendees as to how APTRANSCO could allow these 3 new companies to participate in the bidding when clearly the companies did not follow the rules laid down in the RfS bid document, APTRANSCO maintained that it was following AP High Court orders that were issued just a day earlier (4th March, 2013) directing APTRANSCO to consider the hard-copies of these companies.

A proper explanation in this matter by APTRANSCO would be much appreciated as it would clear the doubts in the minds of all the bidders.

As the price bid/capacity details of these companies are not available on e-Procurement website, the same were announced during the meeting. These 3 companies have also been announced as technically qualified thus putting the total qualified bidders at 184. Here are the price bid and capacity details of these 3 companies:

Price bids of new companies

We were not able to verify the location-wise bid capacity details of ACME Tele Power Ltd. and hence have not published the same. The cumulative bid capacity of this company stands at 170 MW making it the largest bidder in AP Solar bidding. The other new entrant Tesla Projects Pvt. Ltd. stands second with 95 MW followed by Alfa Infraprop (80 MW) and Lanco Solar (60 MW) which were previously considered as the largest bidders.


The following are a few interesting insights gained from the analysis of price bids of all the bidders:

  • Lowest Price BidRs.6.49/Kwh by Sunborne Energy for K.Mallepally Substation (Location No.86)
  • Highest Price BidRs.15.9999/Kwh by Ram Swaroop Reddy Gaddam for Dharmasagar substation (Location No.116) and by Sankarsh Reddy Gaddam for Alair substation (Location No.84) and Ellantakunta substation (Location No.128).
  • The average of the price bids of all the 330 bids is Rs.8.7077/Kwh which, interestingly, is very close to CERC levelised tariff of Rs.8.75/Kwh (without AD) for 2013-14.


Out of the total 330 bids (from technically qualified bidders), price bids of 152 bids are in the range of Rs.8 – Rs.9 /Kwh. Here are the details of the number of bids falling in various price bid ranges:
  • Less than or equal to Rs.7/Kwh – 13 bids
  • Greater than Rs.7/Kwh but less than or equal to Rs.8/Kwh – 75 bids
  • Greater than Rs.8/Kwh but less than or equal to Rs.9/Kwh – 152 bids
  • Greater than Rs.9/Kwh but less than or equal to Rs.10/Kwh – 50 bids
  • Greater than Rs.10/Kwh – 35 bids
  • Bid price not available – 5 bids

A very interesting point to note here is that similar number of bids are present on either side of the major segment i.e. Rs.8-Rs.9/Kwh. While there are 88 bids with price bid less than or equal to Rs.8/Kwh, 85 bids have bid price greater than Rs.9/Kwh. This is going to play a major role in determining the much coveted Benchmark tariff if in case it is going to be calculated using Statistical methods.

Based on analysis of all the bids, we have published the bidder-wise and location-wise L1 details.

Download the document containing L1 details here.

[**Please be informed that the final L1 details are subject to confirmation by APTRANSCO.]

Here’s a graph depicting the number of L1 bids in each price range.

L1 bids by price range

We have prepared a document containing bidder-wise location, capacity and price-bid details of all the bidders.

Download the document containing price-bid details here.

Please let us know in case you feel any of the details mentioned are incorrect so that we can correct the same for the benefit of everyone.


Disclaimer: All the information presented above is based on analysis of data obtained from e-Procurement website. The final numbers are subject to confirmation by APTRANSCO. EfficientCarbon is not liable for any issues arising due to the data presented above.



24 thoughts on “Andhra Pradesh Solar – Commercial Bid details

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  7. Chandresh

    Is there any details on the case filed by ACME against APTRANSCO ?? What is the point of difference ??

    1. Pradeep (Post author)

      Hello Mr.Chandresh,

      The ‘point of difference’ apparently seems to be that ACME and 2 other companies submitted only hard copies of bid documents and did not submit the soft copies on e-Procurement website within time. No information regarding the case is available with us currently.

      Thank you.

  8. kumar


    Any update on the benchmark price? I thought the PPAs woud have been offered to lowest bidders by now.

  9. sri krishna

    It is very suprising how aptransco accepted these three companies who violated the rules of RFS were as the rule should be same for all the bidders. And we are one the competative and genuien bidder followed alll the rules and came L2 in one of thhe location kadri with a difference of 1paise. I request the govenment to follow the rules of Rfs and do justic to genuien bidders

  10. Surendar

    Any idea whats happening on the bids? Is APTRANSCO really interested in getting the power problem solved or not. If they play with these buds like this and do mall practices then how can they expect people to bid next time. The larger interest of the state is geopardised.

  11. Yeshwant Rao

    Hi Pradeep,
    You have given a fantastic summary of AP bidding. By any chance, have the companies bid on both sides of CERC benchmark price of Rs.8.75 so that they benefit under any circumstances? Also can you pls email me the list of winners once declared or probable list of winners in your opinion.


    1. Pradeep (Post author)

      Dear Mr.Yeshwant,
      Thanks for your kind words. Links to the documents containing L1 (lowest bidder) details and also the price bids of each company have been updated in the blogpost above. All the necessary information can be extracted from the same.

      Hope that helps.

      Thank you.

  12. kunal

    Dear Sir:

    Great work with compiling. I would like to ask what next going on from here? Will the APTRANSCO now convene on a benchmark price and then invite the bidders for signing the PPA at that price?

    Also I had a query regarding REC projects. I have more than 15 acres of land in Jangalpalli. My land is near a 33/11 KV substation. I would like to know how can I build a project under the REC mode on my land?



    1. Pradeep (Post author)

      Dear Mr.Kunal,

      The next step, we believe, would be for APTRANSCO to announce the L1s and subsequently issue LOIs. Benchmark Price is also expected to be announced shortly. Timelines for the same are not yet clear.

      Kindly email me at pradeep@efficientcarbon.com so that I can help you with clarity on REC projects.

      Thank you.

    2. Subrahmanyam

      Dear Mr. Kunal,

      We would be able to guide you for Solar Power Project. Please give your contact No. or email ID. Our contact No. 09966124377.



  13. kumar

    Thanks once again for the excellent info.
    could you please project the winner based on the lowest bid for each location,so we may know who is in line to get the best price and worst price.(Ofcourse not considering the Benchmark price)

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