AP Net Metering Policy – Guidelines for implementation

by Harini

Earlier in June, the Government of Andhra Pradesh released an Order (G.O.Ms.No.27) containing guidelines for making payment for surplus energy injected into the grid as a part of the AP Rooftop Solar Net Metering policy. As per this order, payment shall be considered by the concerned APDISCOMS at pooled cost as decided by APERC for that year and this payment will be made effective for 7 years from the date of establishment of such a plant. Our blogpost for more details on this order can be accessed here.

Following this, guidelines for implementation of this net metering policy have recently been released on the APTRANSCO website. Given below are some of the important points from this document.


  • A single bi-directional BIS/ISI certified meter is to be installed for export and import
  • For PV systems up to: 10 kW – Class 1 accuracy meters, Above 10 kW – 0.5 class accuracy, HT systems (56 kW and above) – 0.2 class accuracy meters are to be installed


  • MNRE subsidy, Government of AP subsidy and any other subsidy relevant to solar panel based net metering solution should be front loaded on the consumer cost and the vendor should claim the subsidy component from New and Renewable Energy Development Corporation of Andhra Pradesh (NREDCAP)
  • 2 months net bill should be submitted by the vendors to NREDCAP to claim subsidy
  • NREDCAP is the nodal agency for release of both MNRE and GoAP subsidy

Approval procedure:

  • Consumer can download the solar rooftop net metering application from from the official websites of APDISCOMS and submit the same to the concerned Divisional Engineer/Operation/APDISCOM
  • DISCOMs personnel shall conduct a feasibility analysis of the DTR within 15 working days of the receipt of completed application form
  • Approval is granted for installation of SPV system based on the feasibility study
  • Consumer should install a SPV system and request DISCOM authorities for inspection within 6 months from receiving approval
  • Inspection of equipment, circuitry and meter along with synchronization of the SPV is carried out within 10 working days of receiving the request

Billing and payment:

  • In case of net export bill, credit amount will be carried forward to the next month for adjustment against next month import bill. No interest will be payable for this amount carried forward and the net credit available will be refunded twice a year – June and December, deposited in the consumer’s bank account

The original document containing these guidelines can be downloaded here. NREDCAP organised an exhibition on 24th and 25th August on Solar Rooftop PV systems and Net Metering in Hyderabad.

Further insights on net-metering along with information on rooftop policies in India and payback period for solar power plants installed as a part of the AP net metering policy are available in our Whitepaper Rooftop Solar and Net Metering in India – A Detailed Analysis.

13 thoughts on “AP Net Metering Policy – Guidelines for implementation

  1. g.chandra shekhar

    I d like to know what is the latest policy of the telanga govt reg the roof top solar power systems and net metering. Which organization is the nodal agency in our state.what is the subsidy and how to claim it.

    1. Pradeep

      Dear Mr.Rao,

      Thank you for your query. As of now, Single Phase consumers are not allowed to go for Net Metering. Reasons cited for the same by APTRANSCO are grid disturbances, destabilizing harmonics etc. Uttarakhand on the other hand seems to have allowed Single Phase consumers too as per its recent Rooftop policy.

    1. Pradeep

      Dear Mr.Rao,

      As a capital cost investment, it may appear like an expensive proposition to a lot of consumers. However, it is to be understood that it is a one-time investment and has benefits such as reduced electricity bill and some protection against the ever increasing electricity charges. Also, currently the govt. is offering more than 30% subsidy (for upto 3 KW) for domestic consumers who wish to setup Solar PV plants under net-metering facility.

      Good day.

      1. Ramalingeswara rao

        Thanks Mr Pradeep for your feedback.
        I heard solar inverters are not working well.
        how much reliable solar systems and would you suggest a reliable system which can service well and at low price?
        Mostly we have to import SPV and UPS Etc… some where else
        So it costs high. How about to start product required things in india?
        It may reduced the cost!

        1. Pradeep

          Dear Mr.Rao,

          There are a variety of inverters in the market based on capacities, technical specs, guarantees, warranties and certifications. As we cannot provide biased opinions about certain manufacturers, we suggest you to directly approach inverter manufacturers that are accredited by MNRE/NREDCAP as they are usually accredited after due diligence w.r.t. product quality and specs. You may refer to MNRE (http://www.mnre.gov.in/) or NEDCAP (http://www.nedcap.gov.in/Default.aspx) for the list of accredited suppliers.

          Hope this helps. Good day.

      2. abusyed

        Dear Pradeep,

        As we are planning to install 21kw ongrid system in Tamilnadu, we are looking for Net meter, I want the details and exact cost for the meter.


        1. Pradeep

          Dear Mr.Abu,

          We do not have the list of Net Meter manufacturers. Secure Energy Meters and L&T are a couple of companies we are aware of that make Net Meters. Kindly put up an enquiry on LinkedIn groups dealing with Metering and Solar Power where most of the manufacturers are usually present. We are sure you will get good responses from manufacturers there. Following are a few groups you can explore.





          Also, product/manufacturer details are usually available on http://india.alibaba.com/

          Hope this helps. Good day.


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