AP Solar bidding – List of bidders, bid location and capacity details: Updated on 6th March, 2013

by Pradeep

…[Updated 1: Total Bid Capacity has been updated from 1339.5 MW to 1354.5 MW owing to addition of new information which was not available previously - 15 MW bid by Swiss Park Vanijya Pvt. Ltd. added to the list]…

…[Updated 2 - 6th March, 2013: Total Bid Capacity has been updated from 1354.5 MW to 1712 MW owing to addition of new information which was not available previously i.e. details about Dayton Energy, Shree Surya Tejaswi Energies Projects, Indwell Constructions, K.V.Green Energies, Soma Surya, Raghava Constructions, Brilliant Bio Biopharma, Alliance Prosys India, ACME Tele Power, NCS Sugars, Tesla Projects  added to the list]…

…[Updated 3 - 6th March, 2013: This post has been updated with latest figures based on new developments post APTRANSCO Price Bid Opening meeting on 5th March, 2013]…

…[Update 4 - 7th March, 2013: Name of Location No.14 should be Pedatadepalli and not Jangareddygudem as mentioned in all the PQ/Technical bid/Commercial bid excel sheet made available at the time of bidding. Jangareddygudem is the name of Location No.13. ]…


[Check out our latest blogpost related to AP Solar bidding Commercial/Price bid analysis - http://efficientcarbon.com/blog/andhra-pradesh-solar-commercial-bid-details]


At around 3 pm on 16-02-2013, APTRANSCO announced the list of 184 bidders who participated in Andhra Pradesh Solar bidding. Subsequently, APTRANSCO announced that the same list may also be accessed by logging into the e-procurement website. In order to make it easy for everyone (those who have participated and those who haven’t) to check  out the bidders list, we are posting the list here.

Here’s the list of bidders:

AP Solar Bidding - List of bidders

[On 5th March, 2013, APTRANSCO announced the list of qualified/disqualified bidders during the Commercial Bid opening. Check APTRANSCO document here for more details. It was also announced that 3 new companies - - have been accepted into the bidding.]

We have conducted an in-depth analysis based on the data collected from the information available on e-Procurement website. Here’s a brief summary of the analysis of the bids:

  • 184 bidders participated in the bidding [3 existing bidders disqualified after technical evaluation and 3 new bidders have been allowed]
  • In all, 330 bids were submitted by the 184 bidders
  • A cumulative capacity of 1712 MW was bid for by the various bidders 
  • As many as 40 locations have no bidders at all
  • As many as 45 locations received only 1 bid i.e. no competition
  • The highest cumulative capacity bid by a single bidder was 170 MW by ACME Tele power Ltd. followed by Tesla Projects at 95 MW
  • The maximum number of bids submitted by a single bidder was 25 (ACME Tele power Ltd.)
  • Alair, Ramannapet, Zaheerabad and Sadasivpet are the locations (132/33 KV substation node) that received the highest number of bids (atleast 8 bids each)

Important to Note: To puts things in perspective, it is to be noted that the capacity of 1712 MW for which bids have been received includes several cases where 2 or more bids have been submitted for the same location. Also, only 121 of the 161 locations have been bid for and 40 haven’t been bid for at all. Therefore, the capacity of 1712 MW does not essentially mean that bids for over and above the available capacity have been received. Here’s a table that depicts the total available capacities of the locations bid for and unbid for.

Available Capacity of bid for and unbid for locations

As per the above table, the locations for which bids have been submitted have been allocated a total capacity of 920 MW only by APTRANSCO. Among the 121 locations bid for, there is a possibility that the capacities bid for in these locations may not actually lead to complete fill up of capacity. Hence, it can be assumed that a maximum of 920 MW (not 1712 MW) may be filled up if APTRANSCO intends to fill up the capacities in the locations bid for. Whether or not a new tender would be released for the unfilled capacity of remaining locations is something we will have to wait and watch.

[We have not watermarked any of the images in this post as we did not want to disturb the information presented. Feel free to use our images below for distribution but kindly cite the source as EfficientCarbon.]

Guess you are all eagerly waiting for the bid location and capacity details of all the bidders who participated in the bidding. Here’s the link to our document containing all the details.

Download the document here.

** N/A in the above mentioned document implies that the necessary information is not available with us at this point.

Here are a few statistics based on our analysis of the bid location and capacity information. The table below shows the top 10 bidders by number of bids submitted and the top 15 bidders by total capacity (across locations) bid for.

Maximum number of bids and Maximum capacity bid for by companies


As mentioned previously, only 121 out of the 161 locations have received bids. Here’s a list containing number of bids received for each of the 121 locations.

AP Solar bidding - Location wise bid details


Here are a few more interesting statistics related to company-wise number of bids.

No. of  companies by bids


Please let us know any feedback you have regarding the information presented. Any discrepancies you might come across may also be kindly pointed out so that we can resolve the same.

Thank you. Drop in your comments.


Disclaimer: All the information presented above is based on analysis of data obtained from e-Procurement website. In the case of a few bidders, location/capacity details are not available due to faulty uploading of PQ bid documents. Hence the final numbers are subject to confirmation by APTRANSCO after technical bid evaluation. EfficientCarbon is not liable for any issues arising due to the data presented above.

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