APTRANSCO issues Open Offer to Solar Power Developers

by Pradeep

After a long wait, APTRANSCO has finally issued Open Offer inviting Solar Power Developers to sell Solar Power at Rs.6.49/unit. As per the notification issued, interested parties have until 30th September, 2013 to submit their application with details about the location, injection point and capacity of power to be injected. While there is no bidding process involved, locations which get applications in excess of the capacity of that location will be awarded at pro-rata basis.

Most of the conditions with respect to Net Worth, Performance Bank Guarantee, Security Deposit, Commissioning Timelines remain the same as they were in the bidding process.  APTRANSCO has issued a list of locations which are available to interested developers. The initial list of 161 locations in the bidding process is reduced to 109 locations for the Open Offer owing to fill up of certain locations. Locations such as Suryapet, Ramannapet, Kanigiri and Sadasivpet have a reduced capacity due to partial fill-up by bidders. In addition to the 109 locations, developers may also choose any other location in the state subject to technical feasibility.

The list of documents related to the Open offer can be accessed on APTRANSCO website or can be downloaded from here.


14 thoughts on “APTRANSCO issues Open Offer to Solar Power Developers

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  2. Srinivas Rao

    Dear Pradeep,
    I went through your FAQ and guidelines for set up solar power unit. Further my request is that how I can get irradiation value and air mass at particular site. Also I am interested for 5MW plant in Vinukonda, AP. I want your detailed guidelines and points to be considered.

  3. M.Satish Reddy

    Dear Pradeep
    Thank u very much for getting back to me on my queries. I have another one the estimated number that you have mentioned like 1.5 million units is this is perday or per month. And what would be the other maintenance which has to be taken care in this plant pls pls let me know sir.

  4. M.Satish Reddy

    Dear sir,
    I just cannot stop appreciating you for your tremendous help and letting the people like me to know much more in detail about the projects of solar power plants. Sir , here I have a query regarding a setup of 1MW of solar power plant in andhra Pradesh, nizamabad Dist , kamareddy location all I want to know is how much of power can I generate from this plant and what would be my situation as the govt has strictly said they are going to pay only 6.49rs/unit is it’s good for us to go with it. Please help me out as I want to put all the available amount of mine into it do u think should I do it.

    1. Pradeep (Post author)

      Dear Mr.Satish,

      Thank you for your kind words. While I would not be able to comment on the number of units you will be able to generate in your location as this depends on the local Solar Irradiation, a base estimate of 1.5 Million Units may be assumed. The APTRANSCO tariff of Rs.6.49 per unit is a very moderate tariff and is viable for developers who can avail Accelerated Depreciation (AD) benefits, low cost funding and scale benefits (i.e. plants of larger size). Though I cannot advise you without complete information, I would strongly suggest that putting entire money on a low-return project such as this may not be advisable.

      Hope this helps. Kindly call me on +919052224701 or send an email to pradeep@efficientcarbon.com if you have further queries on this. Good day.

  5. Harpreet

    Why dont you explore Rajasthan especially Bikaner-Jodhpur belt. The land is cheaper and it is less combersome to start a project there

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