BMW unveils the C evolution electric scooter

by Harsha Yadav

Source: Gizmag

BMW Motorrad has been busying itself perfecting an electric scooter design for some time now and, following the early prototype E Scooter we first reported on last year, and the more fully formed Concept e model which popped up a few months later, the company has now unveiled a new “near-production” electric scooter named the BMW C evolution which boasts a reported 100 kilometers (62 miles) range from one full charge and some impressive styling to match.

Perhaps more useful than the three hour charge time of the C evolution is the fact that the scooter can reach 70 percent charge after approximately thirty minutes spent plugged in. In addition to this, the C evolution’s charge socket is same type currently implemented in many car charging stations throughout the USA and so the scooter can recharge at those locations – a feature which BMW claims is not currently offered by any other electric scooter.

Naturally, BMW is keen to market the C evolution as a primarily urban-based transport solution and this is likely where the scooter would be most at home. However, the company also points out that its electronically-limited 120 km/h (75 mph) top speed makes it suitable for motorway driving and overtaking, even with the additional weight of a passenger riding pillion.

Indeed, BMW claims that the C evolution has outstanding performance for an e-scooter, with a low center of gravity and the instant high-torque nature of the electric motor both combining to make the vehicle more than a match for the current crop of maxi scooters sporting a capacity in excess of 600 cc.

The C evolution’s motor puts out 11 kW continuous output and 35 kW peak output and achieves its 100 kilometers (62 miles) range from a 8 kWh battery with the help of an intelligent system of energy recuperation, which works to save power when the throttle is closed. As is the case with a combustion engine, the generator function of the alternator creates drag torque, resulting in the familiar engine brake that takes effect when reducing the accelerator on a fuel-guzzling two-wheeler.

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