Tamil Nadu Solar Bidding Update

The air finally seems to be clearing on the Tamil Nadu 1000 MW Solar Tender. After going through a roller coaster ride of being tagged as ‘Success’ and ‘Failure’ at various stages and having had huge delays, Tamil Nadu Solar bidding may result in a happy ending for all those involved. Last week, TANGEDCO held extensive meetings with all the 53 developers and tried to expedite matters. Chennai based RESOLVE reports that PPAs might be signed by the end of October. This might result in signing of PPAs for close to 700 MW of Solar Projects all of which might be up and running by the end of 2014. Tamil Nadu could thus be the state with second largest Solar capacity in the country ranking next only to Gujarat. The articles on Economic Times and Business Line in this regard can be accessed here and here respectively. Refer to our previous article on TN Solar Bidding here to know the activity thus far. Keep checking our blog for more updates.

Bihar – Another Extension of Last Date for it’s 150 MW Solar PV Bid

Bihar State Power (Holding) Company Limited (BSPHCL) has once again extended the last date for Setting up of Grid Connected Solar PV Projects coupled with Pisci-culture. Earlier in August, the last date was extended to 14th September. Our blogpost on this extension can be accessed here. The details of original RfP released in May are available here. Following this, on 16th September BSPHCL released Corrigendum No. IV extending the last date further to 25th September. The new deadlines as mentioned in this document are given below: Last Date for online Sale of Tender document: 25th September, 2013 up to 17:00 hrs Last Date for online submission of Tender: 26th September, 2013 up to 13:00 hrs Date and time of opening of Technical Bid: 26th September, 2013 at 15:00 hrs The original Corrigendum document can be downloaded here.

SECI – RfS for Grid Connected Rooftop Solar PV – Phase III

After successfully concluding Phase 1 and 2 bidding process for developing Rooftop Solar PV systems in selected cities, Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has released a RfS document inviting bids for Phase 3. The total tendered capacity for this phase is 10 MW spread across 9 cities. Given below are some of the important points from this RfS document. Selected cities: Eligibility criteria: Bid capacity For Palatana – minimum bid capacity is 1000 kWp i.e. tender capacity, which will be allocated to only one bidder For other cities- Minimum: 250 kWp Total maximum bid capacity: 2 MWp Size of each project: 100 kWp to 500 kWp General Bidder must be a corporate entity duly incorporated in India and engaged in the business of Solar Power Must meet the eligibility criteria either independently as a Bidding Company or as a Bidding Consortium with one of its members acting as a Lead Member of the Consortium Technical criteria: Bidder should have installed at least one Grid connected Solar PV project in India …

Daman and Diu – Tender – Engaging EPC Contractor for Solar PV projects

The Electricity Department of Daman and Diu has invited tender to Engage EPC contractor for setting up (i) 1 MW Grid connected Solar PV project at Daman and (ii) 3 MW  Grid connected Solar PV project at Diu. The original tender noticed published on the department’s website can be accessed here. Given below are the some of the important points from the 1 MW and 3 MW tender documents: Project Location: For 1 MW project - Magarwada, Daman For 3 MW project - Fudam/Malala, Diu Eligibility:  Bidder’s qualification – Indian manufacturer of SPV cells and Modules with at least 10 years experience in the field of SPV cell/module manufacturing  EPC contractor who has designed, supplied, installed, tested and commissioned at least 10 MW grid connected solar PV plants. Out of which, 5 MW should be installed at a single location only and running for at least 1 year at the time of bid submission Technical Criteria – Deploy commercially established technology wherein there are at least 2 grid connected projects of the proposed …

Punjab – Net Metering Guidelines – Draft

Government of Punjab has recently released a draft document with Guidelines on Net Metering for Grid Interactive Roof Top SPV Power plants. Given below are some of the important points from this draft document. Eligibility: Individual households, industries, offices, commercial establishments, institutions, residential complexes etc. Capacity:  Minimum – 1 kW Maximum – 500 kW and this capacity should not more than 80% of Sanctioned connected load/ Contact demand Metering and Billing: Bidirectional energy meter with both import and export recording feature should be installed at the cost of the SPV plant owner At the end of the billing cycle an Energy Account Statement is issued. This will show quantum of export/injected energy from roof-top Solar PV System, import/drawal of energy from grid, banked energy from previous cycle, net billed for payment by consumer for that billing period or net banked energy carried forward to the next billing period separately Banking – In the case of net surplus injected/exported to the grid then this quantum of energy is treated as energy banked with the …

Rajasthan – Tender to select suppliers for Rooftop Solar scheme

Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited (RREC) released a tender document for Rate Contract to select a MNRE approved Channel Partners/ SPV Module manufacturers for work under its Roof top Solar power Generation Scheme. Given below are some of the important details from this tender document. Scope of work: Design, Supply, Installation, Testing, Commissioning and free Maintenance for 5 years for Off-Grid/Grid connected SPV power plants on Turn key basis Cities for implementation: Ajmer, Jaipur and Jodhpur Eligible beneficiaries for these systems: Institutions Industries Hospitals/Nursing Homes Hotels/Resorts Government organisations Commercial organisations Estimated maximum capacity: 5MW Tentative Target Capacity: Minimum capacity of proposals: Bidder shall bid for at least 250 kW PV capacity systems Estimated project cost: Rs. 50 Crores (For 5 MW) Earnest Money Deposit (EMD):  Rs.10 Lakh Experience and Competence of bidder: Minimum 2 years experience of successful installation of off-grid/grid connected PV projects Installed at least one grid connected Solar PV plant with capacity not less than 25 kW commissioned during the last two years (FY: 2011-12 and 2012-13) …

Chhattisgarh – Tariff for power procurement from Rooftop PV by State Discom – Draft

Chhattisgarh has recently released a draft tariff document adding itself to the list of states that have announced Rooftop Solar PV schemes. This draft document released by their State Renewable Development Agency (CREDA) is to determine the tariff for procurement of power from Rooftop Solar PV projects by the state distribution licensees. The guidelines given in this document are applicable for electricity generated from Rooftop PV and other ground mounted solar power projects which fulfill the requirements of a captive generating plant. Given below are some of the important points from this draft document: Project Capacity: Rooftop PV projects with a capacity more than 50 kW and up to 1 MW are eligible Grid Connectivity: Projects should be connected to the distribution level at voltage levels below 33kV with the following prescribed quantum for injection/drawal Metering arrangement: A Grid Meter and a Solar Meter are required Solar Meter would keep a record of energy generated by the plant and net solar energy exported Grid meter would keep a record of energy …

REC Trading in August’13

The number of Non-Solar Buy-bids decreased drastically as compared to that of July. Solar REC buy-bids however increased as compared to last month with the clearing price remaining at floor price – Rs.9300. The table below summarizes the trading for August on each of the Power Exchanges – IEX and PXIL Here are a few numbers and graphs with respect to Solar and Non-Solar REC trading in August.   Non-Solar REC trading: As is the trend, all the Buy Bids (40889) were cleared. This resulted in a Trading Value of Rs.6.13 Crores. Clearing Price stood at the usual Rs.1500 owing to oversupply. The graph below shows the trend in Buy Bids, Sell Bids, Traded Volume and Clearing Price for the last 3 months. Solar REC Trading: This month the supply of solar RECs was 13 times that of demand. The clearing price for both the exchanges remained at the floor price – Rs.9300/REC. The total number of Sell Bids was 39% more than that of July and the total number …

Uttarakhand – Scheme for setting up Grid Interactive Rooftop and Small SPV Power Plants

Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (UREDA) has released a document with three options as a part of their scheme for setting up of grid interactive rooftop and small Solar PV (SPV) power plants. This state has a good potential for setting up solar plants with about 300 sunny days available. The aim of this policy is to utilize the existing roof space for setting rooftop SPV systems which would replace DG gensets and also harness the available potential for generating solar power using unutilised space. Thereby, reducing the dependency on conventional source of energy. As per this document, excess power generated from such a SPV will be fed into the grid and during non availability or insufficiency of solar power generated, energy can be drawn from the grid. Connectivity of such projects will be either at 33 kV/ 11 kV three phase lines or 440/220 Volt three/single phase line depending on system installed. This scheme for grid interactive solar rooftop systems can also work on net metering basis wherein the beneficiary …

Karnataka 130 MW Solar bidding – Financial bids opened

The financial bids for Karnataka’s 130 MW capacity Solar bidding were opened on 19th August. The RFP for this solar bidding was released in March and as per this RFP, a bidder can propose to set up a minimum of 3 MW and maximum of 10 MW capacity solar plant. This is a reverse bidding process wherein a bidder has to bid for a discount in Rupees/kWh on Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission’s (KERC) approved applicable tariff. Effective tariff will be payable by ESCOM to the successful bidders after applying this discount in tariff. Further details on this RFP are available in our blogpost here. As per the results of the opening of financial bids announced on the Karnataka Renewable Energy Development Ltd. (KREDL) website, Sun Pharma Medication Private Limited quoted the lowest effective tariff – Rs.5.51/unit for a proposed capacity of 10 MW. Highest effective tariff was quoted by both Welspun Solar Kannada Private Ltd and Heidelberg Solar Pvt Ltd – Rs.8.05/unit for a proposed capacity of 10 MW and …

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