Get. Set. Go…Steps & Checklist for AP Solar Bidding Process

by Harsha Yadav

Bidding for the Andhra Pradesh Solar Rfs 1000 MW Tender?

We thought we’ll help you in providing some clarifications to the questions/confusions that we had too.

Here’s a checklist and a step-by-step to do list of what to do for the AP Solar Bidding. Do have a look and point if your understanding is any different.

Bid submission deadline: 7th February, 2013


Steps for registration on e-procurement website:

Step 1: Register on https://tender.eprocurement.gov.in/ using Digital Signature (Class-2 signature of the authorized signatory such as Directors of the company should do, although a class 3 company signature is preferable). Information required at the time of registration:

  • Company Registration number as per incorporation
  • PAN no.
  • CST/GST no.
  • VAT no.

In case CST/GST and VAT details are not available, you can update the fields as ‘not registered’ and go ahead. However, PAN details are a must and in case PAN number has not yet been obtained, it has to be applied for immediately and the acknowledgement no. thus generated can be mentioned while registering. However, PAN number has to be updated in the e-procurement website as and when received in the quickest possible time. A letter on company head stating the same has to be provided to Vayam Technologies along with the following details. Once an account has been created, the following details have to be emailed to Vayam Technologies at helpdesk.eproc@vayamtech.com:

  • Username
  • Incorporation or Registration certificate
  • PAN copy

After due validation of the details, Vayam Technologies shall activate the mentioned account (username) within 24 hours of submission of details.

Step 2: Login to the system using the same Digital Signature used in Step 1 and start uploading documents as required. Signature and stamp of the same person (whose digital signature is used) should be present on all the bid documents that are scanned and uploaded in the e-procurement website during bid submission

A power-point presentation containing detailed procedure for e-procurement website usage can be downloaded from https://tender.eprocurement.gov.in/

Fees payable at various stages and mode of payment:

Pre-bid stage:

  1. Processing Fees: Rs.2,00,000 per location payable through DD/RTGS before the last date of submission i.e. 7th Feb, 2013
  2. Transaction Fees: Rs.28,090 (Rs.25,000+Service Tax) through online payment gateway (in e-procurement platform) at the time of submission of bid on e-procurement platform.
  3. Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) or Bid Security: Rs.2,00,000 per MW in the form of Bank Guarantee should be drawn from the list of banks mentioned in Annexure 2 of RfS bid document (list provided at the end of this document for reference). This Bank Guarantee should be valid for 90 days from the date of submission of the bid and should have a claim period of additional 30 days.

*If the bid is lost, EMD will be returned within 15 days of issuance of LoI.


Documents to be submitted for the bidding stage:

Checklist of documents to be submitted

*All the documents should be in English language only.

**As per RfS bid document, all the above mentioned documents have to be submitted in the form of scanned copies in e-procurement platform only. Hard-copies need not be submitted before bid-submission deadline except for DD raised for processing fee of Rs.2,00,000 per location. Hard copies of all the documents may be asked to be furnished by APTRANSCO either before issue of LoI and/or before signing of PPA. In case of doubt, kindly clarify the same with APTRANSCO.


Documents to be submitted after bidding:



On letter head/non-judicial stamp paper

Existing Company

New Company



Format 6.3: Format for Performance Bank Guarantee Non-judicial stamp paper





Format 6.13: Format for Contract Performance Bank Guarantee Non-judicial stamp paper




*More documents may be required to be submitted post-bid as required by APTRANSCO.

*All the documents should be in English language only.

*All the Bank Guarantees drawn should be from banks mentioned in Annexure 2 of the RfS bid document. Below mentioned is the list for reference.


The entire document can be downloaded from here: http://efficientcarbon.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Steps-and-checklist-for-AP-bidding-process.pdf


6 thoughts on “Get. Set. Go…Steps & Checklist for AP Solar Bidding Process

  1. Pavan Kumar Gande

    Iam an entrepreneur who is currently into the business of Electronic Security Solution provider.
    Iam also seriously interested to start the business of Renewable energy like solar power generation business. Iam having a land of 5 Acres in the Warangal district,A.P.As you are into doing turnkey projects in the solar Power generation.Is it the right time to start any business related to Solar Power developer.

    Also please help me clarify few of my following doubts to start 1MW power generation unit:
    1. How much land required to setup a 1MW Solar power generation Unit.
    2.What would be the total project cost excluding the cost of land
    3. What would be the O & M cost.
    4. What would be the per unit production cost.
    5.What will be the state & central govt role in the subsidy and other permissions.
    6. What are the other things that should be taken into consideration.
    7.What would be the approximate selling price per unit in current scenario.
    I will be grateful if you provide me the above details as early as possible.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pavan Kumar Gande

    1. Harsha

      Hello Mr. Pavan,

      Please see the FAQ page here for answers to your query: http://efficientcarbon.com/services/energy/renewable-energy-advisory/frequently-asked-questions. Most of the information you have asked for is available here. Pricing information depends on the viability of the project and that is usually taken up in the services that we offer. Please contact us on gogreen@efficientcarbon.com or pradeep@efficientcarbon.com with your requirements and we’ll be happy to help.


  2. Kaanaeli Moses Mafie

    I am leading the Non profit NGO in Tanzania namely Tanzania Environmental Development and Animal Power Society (TAN-EDAPS).

    Thre is a village here with population 5,000 people with acute problem of water and no electricity power!

    We need assistance so that every household can use solar power for light and group trainings on the impotance and use of Renewable energies.

    For more information about our organization plse visit our Website: http://www.tanedaps.wordpress.com
    Find areas of mutual cooperation and conact me directly.

    With kind Regards,

    Kaanaeli Moses Mafie

  3. Agaba

    great to hear from you. this is a receipt to your message, Kasese solar power ltd. Kasese solar power ltd is a registered company and incorporated in June 2002 and deals in solar equipments and renewable energy installation. therefore we are grateful to inform you that we are looking for international company that we can be in long term partnership in as regards dealing in solar panel and accessories….and we will be grate to be in partnership with you in this business


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