One Child One Light Diwali Campaign

We have launched our campaign to gift a smile to children this Diwali. EfficientCarbon is partnering with Thrive Energy in its campaign of ‘One Child One Light’ and we want to make it a huge success. From our side, we would be making a small contribution to the campaign ourselves but we want you to support us in huge numbers. This would be run from 25/10/2010 to 05/11/2010 and organise a small event to distribute the LED study lights to the school children in villages primarily. The plan is very simple: We are sending out an open invitation to all our friends, associates and acquaintances to donate at least a single light to this campaign. We will collect the information and the donations from all of you and procure the LED study lights from Thrive Energy. We’ll select a few deserving schools in villages (or probably you could suggest us a few schools/NGO’s as well) and host a small event to distribute these lights on 07/11/2010. This will be an open event …

Clean Development Mechanism Explained

We keep hearing about jargon like The Kyoto Protocol, Clean Development Mechanism, Carbon Credits, Carbon Trading, etc., and always look for clarity on what these terms mean for the business community, countries like India or just a world citizen like us. We’ve just tried to give a perspective on what Carbon Trading / Clean Development Mechanism means and the process of getting Carbon Credits through this basic presentation. Do have a look at this, ask questions, let us know your thoughts and start a debate. We’d be happy to discuss. Clean development mechanism basics View more presentations from EfficientCarbon.

Hello Greener World

Hello All, welcome to EfficientCarbon. Almost a year ago, we got this idea of starting a firm focussing on Sustainability and Environment. After going through multiple discussions with a lot of our friends on various business sectors and models we finalised on a few projects. Ananth and I, started the journey and Rahul, who always shared the same beliefs and wavelength as me, joined a little later. November 2009 was an eventful month…Rahul had already quit his job at Satyam and Ananth had already resigned from Deloitte to work on his own consulting start up. The business ideas that we had were regularly discussed since 3 years now and they ranged from action figure manufacturing (of toys based on Indian epics and history), home-stay network, cold supply chain, advertising agency and medical tourism. We finally zeroed on a Sustainability and Environmental Protection advisory firm because of a few reasons: A firm like this is definitely a need of the hour. Although I’m happy to say that quite a few young …


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