SECI – RfS for Grid Connected Rooftop Solar PV – Phase III

by Harini

After successfully concluding Phase 1 and 2 bidding process for developing Rooftop Solar PV systems in selected cities, Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has released a RfS document inviting bids for Phase 3. The total tendered capacity for this phase is 10 MW spread across 9 cities. Given below are some of the important points from this RfS document.

Selected cities:


Eligibility criteria:

Bid capacity

  • For Palatana – minimum bid capacity is 1000 kWp i.e. tender capacity, which will be allocated to only one bidder
  • For other cities- Minimum: 250 kWp
  • Total maximum bid capacity: 2 MWp

Size of each project: 100 kWp to 500 kWp


  • Bidder must be a corporate entity duly incorporated in India and engaged in the business of Solar Power
  • Must meet the eligibility criteria either independently as a Bidding Company or as a Bidding Consortium with one of its members acting as a Lead Member of the Consortium

Technical criteria: Bidder should have installed at least one Grid connected Solar PV project in India with not less than 25 kW capacity commissioned at least 6 months prior to Techno-Commercial Bid Opening date

Financial criteria

  • Annual turnover – Rs. 5 Crore/MW  in any one of the last 3 financial years 


  • Net worth – Equal to or greater than Rs. 3 Crore/MW
  • If more than one Price Bid is submitted by the bidder, the financial criteria to be fulfilled is the sum total of the capacities offered it in its Price bid

Bid Bond – Rs.6,75,000/ 250 kWp as Bank Guarantee / Demand Draft valid for 6 months from the bid deadline

Performance Security – Within 25 days from date of issue of Allocation letter

Bid Process – Single stage, two part

  • Techno-Commercial Bid
  • Price Bid

Project Cost

  • Bidders will be selected based on the project cost offered @Rs/Wp in the price bid for each project
  • Upper limit is Rs. 90/Wp

SubsidySECI will provide 30% of project cost quoted as subsidy. It will be disbursed as given below

  • 20% will be released after commissioning and acceptance of project
  • 5% will be released at the end of 1 year of O&M from date of commissioning
  • Remaining 5% will be released at the end of 2 years of O&M from date of commissioning

SECI Charges – 3% of 70% of total project cost to be paid by successful bidders within 15 days from date of issuance of sanction letter

Time of completion of sanctioned project – Within 6 months from date of sanction letter(s)

Important information & deadlines:



For further details and formats, the original RfS document released by SECI can be downloaded here.

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