AP Solar bidding – List of bidders, bid location and capacity details: Updated on 6th March, 2013

…[Updated 1: Total Bid Capacity has been updated from 1339.5 MW to 1354.5 MW owing to addition of new information which was not available previously - 15 MW bid by Swiss Park Vanijya Pvt. Ltd. added to the list]… …[Updated 2 - 6th March, 2013: Total Bid Capacity has been updated from 1354.5 MW to 1712 MW owing to addition of new information which was not available previously i.e. details about Dayton Energy, Shree Surya Tejaswi Energies Projects, Indwell Constructions, K.V.Green Energies, Soma Surya, Raghava Constructions, Brilliant Bio Biopharma, Alliance Prosys India, ACME Tele Power, NCS Sugars, Tesla Projects  added to the list]… …[Updated 3 - 6th March, 2013: This post has been updated with latest figures based on new developments post APTRANSCO Price Bid Opening meeting on 5th March, 2013]… …[Update 4 - 7th March, 2013: Name of Location No.14 should be Pedatadepalli and not Jangareddygudem as mentioned in all the PQ/Technical bid/Commercial bid excel sheet made available at the time of bidding. Jangareddygudem is the name of Location No.13. ]…   [Check …

APTRANSCO postpones AP Solar bid submission deadline in the last moment

In an announcement made at 9:40 PM last night (6th February, 2013), APTRANSCO has extended the last date for submission of bids to AP Solar tender to 15th February, 2013. Here is the link to the announcement – http://www.aptransco.gov.in/webdata/solar-bid-extension.pdf The same can also be checked in the latest Corrigendum updated for the tender on eprocurement website. The disappointing fact as per the corrigendum updated in the eprocurement website is that bidders are now to ensure that BG for EMD is valid for 120 days from 15th February, 2013 as opposed to the previous reference date of 7th February, 2013. All those who have already submitted their bids or have taken BGs will be at a loss if the same is applicable to them too. Kindly call APTRANSCO for clarifications regarding the same. Here is the list of timelines after deadline extension: Deadline for bid submission: 3 pm on 15th February, 2013 Pre-Qualification Bid Opening Date: 3 pm on 16th February, 2013 Price Bid Opening Date: 3 pm on 1st March, …

APTRANSCO Clarifications on Solar bidding

After receiving a plethora of questions during and after the Pre-bid meeting, APTRANSCO has finally released clarifications. We bring to you the most important updates/changes and also a few issues that still seem to be pending. Major updates: Bid submission deadline: 30 days from Final RfS release date Maximum capacity a bidder can bid (cumulative across locations): 200 MW Land details are not required to be submitted Timelines for Financial Closure and Plant Commissioning: Financial Closure within 6 months from date of signing of PPA Plant Commissioning within 12 months from date of signing of PPA Incentives for early commissioning: 9 to 10 months from PPA signing: Rs.3 lakh/MW commissioned 10 to 11 months from PPA signing: Rs.2 lakh/MW commissioned 11 to 12 months from PPA signing: Rs.1 lakh/MW commissioned [Incentives for early commissioning (less than 12 months) is good. But why does APTRANSCO want to provide incentives if project is commissioned in 12 months which is the deadline anyway?] Benchmark Price to be uniform across all locations Benchmark Price …

Andhra Pradesh releases bid documents for 1000 MW Solar capacity addition

APTRANSCO has released the Model RfS documents for the 1000 MW Solar Capacity. The pre-bid meeting will be held on 14th Dec, 2012 at Vidyut Soudha, Hyderabad. Download the bid documents here. Wait for the summary of the document that we will be releasing shortly.

APERC widely criticised for approving DISCOMs proposals on FSA

The Andhra Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (APERC) is at the centre-stage of public criticism for giving a spree of permissions to power distribution companies to collect hefty amounts of Fuel Surcharge Adjustment (FSA) charges from consumers. As the state government continues to stick to the ‘free power to farmers’ scheme despite the ongoing power crisis, additional FSA burden is put on other consumers. APERC has been receiving criticism for letting DISCOMs charge the additional charges on all categories of consumers instead of getting the money from Govt. Read more..

Andhra Pradesh Solar Power Policy: Amendments and Clarifications

On 16th November, 2012, Government of Andhra Pradesh issued G.O. Ms. No.44 providing amendments and changes to the Andhra Pradesh Solar Power Policy issued by it on 26th September, 2012 through G.O. Ms. No.39. The following are the amendments as per the order: State will promote Solar Power developers to setup Solar Power plants for captive use or sale of power to 3rd party/State within the state only. V.A.T refund will be done for payments made in the state of Andhra Pradesh only. Irrespective of voltage level, Open Access Clearance shall be provided to both generator and consumer for 25 years or life of the project (whichever is earlier) within 15 working days of application provided that the energy transaction (between generator and consumer) is Intra-State. Banking of 100% energy will be permitted for a period of 1 year from the date of banking subject to the condition that the banked energy cannot be redeemed between February-June and TOD hours as provided from time to time. The incentives mentioned in …

AP Solar Power Policy – The Challenges

On 26 September 2012, Government of Andhra Pradesh announced its Solar Power Policy. This has been specifically done keeping in mind the acute power shortage in the state that has resulted in 3 days/week power holidays for industries and brought back the peak summer power cuts for households. The policy is one of the most progressive solar policies in the country as it promises several benefits to Solar Power developers. Some of these benefits include: – No wheeling/transmission charges for sale of solar power within the state – Cross Subsidy Surcharge (CSS) waived off for third-party sale of solar power within the state – Electricity Duty exemption for captive consumption and third party sale within the state – VAT on inputs for solar power projects to be refunded by the Commercial Tax Department – Stamp Duty and Registration Charges for land purchase for solar power projects to be refunded Challenge 1: REC vs concessional/promotional benefits and more The most important feature of the AP Solar Power Policy, however, is that …

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