REC trading in April’13

After the much eventful trading in March, REC trading this month dropped on the Non-Solar front. This isn’t much of a shock as this was expected for the first month of financial year. However, the drop was so huge that Non-Solar trading in April is the lowest in 23 months. On the Solar front too, there was drop in trading volume but not as notable. Clearing Price wise, however, Rs.12093/REC was the lowest Average Clearing Price for Solar RECs since the beginning of trading in May last year. The table below summarizes the trading for April on each of the power exchanges – IEX and PXIL.   Here are a few numbers and graphs with respect to Solar and Non-Solar REC trading in April.   Non-Solar REC trading: As is the trend, all the Buy Bids (44459) were cleared resulting in a Trading Value of Rs.6.67 Crores. Clearing Price stood at the usual Rs.1500 owing to oversupply. The graph below shows the trends in Buy Bids, Sell Bids, Traded Volume …

AP’s first REC based Solar PV project accredited

Almost 7 months after the AP Solar Policy was announced, Andhra Pradesh finally has a Solar PV project accredited under the REC mechanism. Accredited on 8th April, 2013, the 5.75 MW by KCP Limited is the first REC based Solar PV project to be accredited in Andhra Pradesh. Until now, Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh have been the major contributors to REC based Solar PV  projects in India contributing to 89% of total accredited capacity of 109.505 MW. Odisha, Chattisgarh and Tamil Nadu and contribute to the remaining capacity with each having 1 or 2 projects Accredited. The following table shows state-wise Solar PV accredited capacity: (State wise % Solar PV capacity accredited under REC mechanism) While there was much ambiguity in the minds of a lot of Solar Power Developers in terms of the procedural delays for REC accreditation in Andhra Pradesh, this first project would set the precedent and pave the way forward for more and more projects to be accredited in the state under REC scheme. The list …

Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy

Tamil Nadu is the pioneer state in Renewable Energy. With an installed capacity of 6970 MW representing 40% of the national total Wind Power and the second largest in Biomass with 488 MW installed capacity. It also has the largest number of accredited and registered RE projects. But in terms of Solar Power, TN has an installed grid-interactive capacity of 15 MW, a mere 1.5% of the nation’s 1044 MW. In this article, we try to present you a concise summary of the Tamil Nadu Solar Energy Policy – 2012 released on 20th October. The policy set the goals to generate 3000 MW of Solar Energy while achieving grid parity by 2015, which if realized will project Tamil Nadu as the Solar Hub of India. This state is one of the most highly suited places in the country for solar projects with a reasonably high insolation of 5.6-6 kW-h/sq. m and 300 clear sunny days in a year. Although still more expensive than other REs, Solar Energy is quoted as …

Chinese solar major offers financing for Indian projects

Source: The Hindu Businessline China Sunergy, one of China’s larger solar module manufacturers, is willing to bring investments into solar projects in India, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Stephen Cai, told Business Line.Nasdaq-listed China Sunergy, which last year supplied 45 MW worth of modules to two projects in Gujarat, is also interested in entering into strategic partnerships with Indian companies, he said. Mr Cai was in New Delhi, where he spoke at the 2nd India Solar Energy Summit, of which China Sunergy was one of the sponsors. Mr Cai, who predicts a huge growth in India for the solar industry in 2012, said that China Sunergy would set up an office in Mumbai in June “to serve our clients with local technical support and after sales-service.” Continue Reading…

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