Cheap Solar Power at Night

Source: Clean Technica Improved materials could make solar-thermal power cheaper, and energy storage easier. Solar power has two main problems: it’s expensive, and it’s intermittent, since the output of a solar power plant depends on the time of day and cloud cover. Halotechnics, an early-stage solar-thermal startup, could help solve both problems. The company has developed new heat-storage materials that promise to not only make solar-thermal power plants more efficient, but also reduce the cost of storing energy from the sun for use when it’s most needed. The materials, which include new mixtures of salts as well as new glass materials, could be key to making solar-thermal power plants cheap enough—and reliable enough—to compete with fossil fuels on a large scale. Unlike solar panels—which convert sunlight directly into electricity—solar-thermal plants generate electricity by using a large field of mirrors to concentrate sunlight and produce high temperatures that, in turn, generate steam for a turbine and drive a generator. Such plants cost a little more than ones based on solar panels, which have …

World Solar PV Market Grew Considerably in 2011

Source: Clean Technica Worldwide solar photovoltaic (PV) market installations reached a record high in 2011 — 27.4 gigawatts (GW), an increase of 40% year over year — according to the 2012 Marketbuzz report released Monday by NPD Solarbuzz. This is a report filled with numbers, as this article will also be. So, if you just want the good summary of it all, it’s that it’s clear demand for solar photovoltaic systems was up in 2011 and looks ready rise even higher throughout much of the world in 2012. In particular, countries outside the 2011 top 10 are expected to start stealing market share soon. The second half of 2011 saw a strong demand for photovoltaic systems ahead of a cut in incentives in several leading countries. This partially made up for the overproduction of solar panels in the first half of the year. 2011 was also a year in which demand in Asian markets for PV grew considerably and Chinese manufacturers made their mark on the global sector. The Numbers …

‘Solar City’ tag for Capital soon

Source: The Deccan Herald The ministry of new and renewable energy has given its in-principle approval to the proposal of the environment department of Delhi. According to the ‘Solar City’ programme of the MNRE, the proposed area aiming to earn the tag should produce at least five per cent of its total energy consumption through solar energy. “The ministry has given its in-prinicple approval for developing the NDMC area as a solar city. While the project would be taken up on a priority basis, this is just the beginning as lots of work needs to be done to make the project functional,”  Keshav Chandra, secretary (environment), Government of Delhi told Deccan Herald. The energy efficiency and renewable energy management centre of Delhi government had sent the proposal to develop the area under New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) as solar city by tapping solar energy. On an average, the NDMC area consumes 350 MVA per day during the summers, while it consumes 150 MVA energy per day during the winters.   …

IIT Bombay student develops indigenous smart grid application- files for patent

Source : Panchabuta – Renewable Energy and Cleantech in India According to reports, with increasing competition in the power market, electricity price forecasting, say experts, has become a critical issue for better operational planning and maximising profits for service providers and households. A PhD student from IIT Bombay has developed a technology that can forecast electricity parameters, that is, it can predict prices of electricity and load for future use. As demand for power is huge in the country, the technology will help in saving both electricity and money. The invention is in the area of smart grids, which refers to various functions that are geared up to modernise the electricity grid. A smart grid is a network of electricity transmission and distribution systems that can significantly improve efficiency and reliability of electricity delivery and use. “This technology is applicable for smart grids, which are still under evolution in India and different energy utilities such as Reliance, Tata, PowerGrid and so on will need different solutions. Price forecasting is a …

Chinese solar major offers financing for Indian projects

Source: The Hindu Businessline China Sunergy, one of China’s larger solar module manufacturers, is willing to bring investments into solar projects in India, the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr Stephen Cai, told Business Line.Nasdaq-listed China Sunergy, which last year supplied 45 MW worth of modules to two projects in Gujarat, is also interested in entering into strategic partnerships with Indian companies, he said. Mr Cai was in New Delhi, where he spoke at the 2nd India Solar Energy Summit, of which China Sunergy was one of the sponsors. Mr Cai, who predicts a huge growth in India for the solar industry in 2012, said that China Sunergy would set up an office in Mumbai in June “to serve our clients with local technical support and after sales-service.” Continue Reading…

Sustainable Development Guidelines for Central Public Sector Enterprises

The Department of Public Enterprises has given out notifications to Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) or PSU companies to undertake Sustainable Development as a mandatory function of their MoU with them. We believe it is a great opportunity for these companies to undertake various activities under this banner and showcase different best practices in this domain. We believe that the PSUs have to take a route that is quite different from the normal Private Sector companies in approaching Sustainable Development. To address this, we have made a presentation for the CPSEs to give a direction on complying with these guidelines and how to maximise this opportunity to become Sustainability led organisations. Do have a look  at the presentation below and get in touch with us for a discussion on how PSU’s should be approaching Sustainable Development.   Addressing Sustainable Development Guidelines for CPSEs View more presentations from EfficientCarbon

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