Punjab 300 MW Solar PV bidding – Update

Punjab Energy Development Agency (PEDA) issued an RfP in March for new grid connected Solar PV projects with an aggregate capacity of 300 MW (RfP document can be accessed here). Following this, the techno-commercial bids were opened on May 7th, 2013. It has been reported that PEDA received total bids for 270 MW with more than 30 companies having participated in this bidding process. (Source: Daily Punjab Times) Earlier today, PEDA issued a notice stating that the financial bids of the techno-commercially qualified bidders would be opened on 14th June, 2013 at 11.30 am. Also mentioned in this notice are the names of the techno-commercially qualified bidders for both Category – I (1 to 4 MW) and Category – II (5 to 30 MW). The original notice can be downloaded here.    

APTRANSCO receives responses for 350 MW

After the issuance of a letter inviting bidders to submit responses for a tariff of Rs.6.49/unit last month, APTRANSCO received responses for 350 MW as per the article on Business Line this Thursday. While the responses have been received for 350 MW, it is not the case that the 34 bidders who contributed to this number have accepted the price unconditionally. As per information available, only 7 bidders (contributing to 53 MW) seem to have accepted without any conditions. The remaining 297 MW from 27 bidders were accepted subject to conditions such as change in location, capacity and if possible, price too. As per unconfirmed reports, Essel Mining and Industries Ltd. and Sunborne Energy Services India Pvt. Ltd. contributed to 40 MW out of the confirmed 53 MW. A German company (name not available) agreed to another 5 MW and rest of the 8 MW-odd capacity was accepted by 3-4 bidders in the 1-2 MW range. While many in the industry are still trying to figure out how a tariff of Rs.6.49/unit can work …

Developers convey willingness to set up 690 MW solar – Tamil Nadu Solar Bidding

According to an article published in The Hindu on 1st June, Tamil Nadu Generation Corporation (Tangedco) as a response to its solar bidding has received letters of commitment from developers for a total capacity of 690 MW. Tangedco had floated a tender inviting bids for 1000MW under the Tamil Nadu Solar Policy in December, 2012. Until early May, the number of developers who were issued Letters of Intent (LOI) were 30 for a total capacity of 260 MW. By the time the deadline for submission of proposals ended (on Friday, 31st May at 5 p.m) the number of developers who were issued LOI went up to 53. One of the reasons for this sudden increase is said to be extending the deadline of proposal submission to 31st May, thereby giving the developers enough time to consider the tariff of Rs. 6.48/unit (with five per cent escalation for ten years and no further increase for the next ten years). These projects are expected to be commissioned by March, 2014. The original article published in The Hindu can …

RfP for setting up 150 MW grid connected solar PV projects coupled with Pisci-culture in Bihar

Bihar State Power (Holding) Company Limited (BSPHCL) has issued a RfP for the development of 150 MW Solar PV projects on Chaur (oxbow lakes/ponds/mauns) lands where pisci-culture shall be undertaken. As per this document, the development of solar power projects on Chaur/Ponds in different districts will reduce the burden on fertile land for such solar projects. In addition to that, such projects would also empower people at grassroots level by sharing of benefits of project between project developer and fisher community. Benefits of such projects: The solar PV project provides shading from high temperature and helps to improve the productivity of fisheries Total Capacity: 150 MW Minimum capacity of individual project – 2 MW Maximum capacity of individual project – 10 MW Maximum aggregate capacity of 30 MW per Bidder (including its Parent, Affiliate or Ultimate Parent- or any Group Company) with a maximum of three projects at different locations Fees (non-refundable): Cost of document – Rs. 31,854 Processing fee – Rs. 2 Lakh Qualification Criteria: Financial criteria: Up to 20 …

AP Solar bidding – List of bidders, bid location and capacity details: Updated on 6th March, 2013

…[Updated 1: Total Bid Capacity has been updated from 1339.5 MW to 1354.5 MW owing to addition of new information which was not available previously - 15 MW bid by Swiss Park Vanijya Pvt. Ltd. added to the list]… …[Updated 2 - 6th March, 2013: Total Bid Capacity has been updated from 1354.5 MW to 1712 MW owing to addition of new information which was not available previously i.e. details about Dayton Energy, Shree Surya Tejaswi Energies Projects, Indwell Constructions, K.V.Green Energies, Soma Surya, Raghava Constructions, Brilliant Bio Biopharma, Alliance Prosys India, ACME Tele Power, NCS Sugars, Tesla Projects  added to the list]… …[Updated 3 - 6th March, 2013: This post has been updated with latest figures based on new developments post APTRANSCO Price Bid Opening meeting on 5th March, 2013]… …[Update 4 - 7th March, 2013: Name of Location No.14 should be Pedatadepalli and not Jangareddygudem as mentioned in all the PQ/Technical bid/Commercial bid excel sheet made available at the time of bidding. Jangareddygudem is the name of Location No.13. ]…   [Check …

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