5 rules for carbon-efficient shipping

Source: GreenBiz.com Making sustainability central to logistics decisions is smart business but requires closer collaboration and creative thinking by shippers, suppliers, packagers and retailers. “Start by thinking about savings opportunities,” said Stephen Silva, senior vice president of global logistics for toymaker Hasbro, during the webcast,“Smart Moves: Supply-Chain Decisions that Save Fuel, Cut Costs and Reduce Emissions.”  ”They will go hand-in-hand with the environment and emissions. … You have to drive a culture where people are always looking for better ways to do things.” At the same time, attention to service must be at the center of any new logistics or transportation strategy. “The only way that we can get buy-in is to demonstrate this,” he said. “At the end of the day, customers are not going to accept slower deliveries or empty shelves.” Transportation and logistics activities typically account for 6 percent to 7 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions, or 2,800 megatons of emissions annually, said Edgar Blanco, research director at the MIT Center for Transportation & Logistics. Road freight accounts for …

Time For Outrage On Behalf of the Planet

Source: Common Dreams It’s Time to Fight the Status Quo by Bill McKibben My solution is: get outraged. Having written the first book about global warming 23 long years ago, I’ve watched the issue unfold across decades, continents, and ideologies. I’ve come to earth summits and conferences of the parties from Rio to Kyoto to Copenhagen, and many places in between. All along, two things have been clear. One, the scientists who warned us about climate change were absolutely correct—their only mistake, common among scientists, was in being too conservative. So far we’ve raised the temperature of the earth about one degree Celsius, and two decades ago it was hard to believe this would be enough to cause huge damage. But it was. We’ve clearly come out of the Holocene and into something else. Forty percent of the summer sea ice in the Arctic is gone; the ocean is 30 percent more acidic. There’s nothing theoretical about any of this any more. Since warm air holds more water vapor than cold, the atmosphere …

EU politicians back plan to withhold CO2 permits

Source: The Guardian Proposal paves the way for the European commission to intervene in the market to prop up low prices. European Union politicians backed a proposal on Tuesday to withhold carbon permits from the bloc’s emissions trading scheme (ETS) from 2013, paving the way for the EU commission to intervene in the market to prop up low prices. EU parliament’s industry committee passed a proposal which would let the EU commission take measures that “may include withholding of the necessary amount of allowances” from the 2013-20 phase of the EU market as part of a wider debate on energy efficiency. The EU ETS caps the emissions of some 11,000 factories and power plants in the bloc, forcing them to buy carbon permits to cover their emissions output.  Analysts say the commission, which oversees the scheme, overestimated the number of permits that heavy emitters would need to cover their emissions in the 2008-12 period, resulting in over-supply, which has driven prices far below the level needed to encourage a shift towards a low-carbon economy. They …

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