Uttarakhand – Scheme for setting up Grid Interactive Rooftop and Small SPV Power Plants

by Harini

Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (UREDA) has released a document with three options as a part of their scheme for setting up of grid interactive rooftop and small Solar PV (SPV) power plants. This state has a good potential for setting up solar plants with about 300 sunny days available. The aim of this policy is to utilize the existing roof space for setting rooftop SPV systems which would replace DG gensets and also harness the available potential for generating solar power using unutilised space. Thereby, reducing the dependency on conventional source of energy.

As per this document, excess power generated from such a SPV will be fed into the grid and during non availability or insufficiency of solar power generated, energy can be drawn from the grid. Connectivity of such projects will be either at 33 kV/ 11 kV three phase lines or 440/220 Volt three/single phase line depending on system installed. This scheme for grid interactive solar rooftop systems can also work on net metering basis wherein the beneficiary pays the utility on net metered basis. Export Import/ two way meters shall be installed to facilitate this. Feed in tariff will be decided by Uttarakhand Electricity Regulatory Commission (UERC) for the power generated from these solar power plants.

Capacity limit: Total capacity of 5 MW is proposed for 2013-15 with the following limits

  • With battery backup – 300 Watt to 100 kW
  • Without battery backup – up to 500 kW

Options for solar installations:

  • Owned, operated and maintained by consumer
  • Owned, operated and maintained by 3rd party – two combinations are possible under this option:
  1. Captive generating plant for roof owners – 3rd party implements the facility and the consumer may or may not invest in the facility. Power is sold to the roof owner
  2. Lease model with sale to Grid - 3rd party shall enter into a lease agreement with the consumer for medium to long term basis on rent. Power generated is fed into the grid and roof owner gets the rent
  • Owned by the Utility – this is possible under the following conditions:
  1. Sub contract and claim Solar RPO – DISCOM may opt to sub contract the operation and maintenance activity and recover the cost in the form of suitable tariff. Power generated may be utilized by DISCOM for fulfilling the Solar Renewable Purchase Obligation (RPO)
  2. Viability Gap Funding (VGF) – DISCOM may appoint 3rd party to implement the solar facilities on its behalf and provide appropriate funds or VGF for this implementation. They may enter into an agreement with the 3rd party for operation and maintenance of such a facility

Voltage level selection:

  • Load up to 4 kW – low voltage single phase supply
  • Load > 4 kW and up to 75 kW – low voltage three phase supply
  • Load > 75 kW and up to 1.5 MW – at 11 kV
  • Load > 1.5 MW and up to 3 MW – at 11/33 kV or as per site condition

The application process and application form are provided at the end of this document. This application process will be closed after the target capacity of 5 MW is met and this will be announced on UREDA’s website.

For more details on this scheme, the original document can be downloaded here.

7 thoughts on “Uttarakhand – Scheme for setting up Grid Interactive Rooftop and Small SPV Power Plants

  1. Sanjay Tomar

    Give me some details for set up of solar power plant in Uttarakhand (roorkee or haridwar). May contact me on phone my number is 8126036082.

  2. pradhan rajendra

    KINDLY MAIL GET IN TOUCH./ details of spv rooftop power generators suitable for a family of ten members and village of 5 to 7 houses. for the state of uttarakhand in kumaon regiun.
    thanks. my contact no 9450931844

  3. ASMI Solar


    ASMI Solar, founded by IIT Roorkee graduates is based at Roorkee and is dealing in rooftop PV projects. We are already working on a 90 kWp rooftop project in Dehradun under Uttarakhand policy. Anyone who is interested in setting up home/commercial rooftop PV or to know more about the scheme in detail can contact at asmi.solar@gmail.com.



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