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Black out - Carbon Chronicles India

The Great Blackout!

Stop looking for an image, we haven’t missed it. This is the image of The Great India Blackout that happened last week. This is how a blackout feels.

India suffered the worst power blackout in history for two consecutive days on 30 and 31 July 2012, paralyzing normal life in eight states, including the national capital. The unprecedented glitch came at a high price for the country’s image stretching from Assam to the Himalayas and the northwestern deserts of Rajasthan.

Today, power has been restored, but what is the impact of the massive blackout? More than 10% of the world’s populations are suddenly left without power; most cities faced an acute water shortage , hundreds of trains stood motionless for hours, many traffic signals have also failed leading to kilometers of traffic in metropolises and also airports experienced great delays.

There is much speculation about the actual cause of the gigantic technical mishap with main reason being grid instability due to overload. While the central and state government authorities continue to play the ‘blame game’ claiming that they are not responsible for the outage.

As the events over this past week demonstrate, one thing is clear that it is time for an energy strategy based on Renewables and decentralized grid power. In order to tackle the country’s energy problems, India has to move away from coal and use renewable and eco friendly sources like sun and wind energy. There is no quick fix to the power crisis; yet this crisis has provided Indians an opportunity to force the government for more renewable energy in the grid and bring energy efficiency to the forefront.

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