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Hello! How have you been this fortnight?

Come 4th March and its National Safety Day. This year’s theme is “Ensure safe and healthy working environment – A fundamental human right”.

Apt for the fortnight, the post on Steps to a Sustainable Safety Culture reinforces the need to create and sustain a safety culture at the workplace.
“Recycle all you want, the planet won’t notice” is what an Austrian Economist, a staunch advocate on green living argues. For the planet to notice our efforts, he says, we're going to have to enact policies that provide the proper economic incentives for far-reaching change. Carbon Chronicles recommends this as food for thought.
Updates on the recent trends in Sustainability , Water & Carbon and Energy Efficiency and Renewables reach you through the rest of our fortnightly newsletter. We thank you for being around with us in this journey towards our “One goal: Help get 1 Billion Metric Tonnes of CO2 off the planet by 2020 through Efficient Carbon”
Make every day a safe day!!!

Team Carbon Chronicles

News & Thoughts on Sustainability & Going Green

5 Steps to a Sustainable Safety Culture
Discussion on the aging workforce and its implications for the workplace, particularly when it comes to transferring knowledge and value systems for building and maintaining a culture of safety, energy consciousness and environmental stewardship.  

Recycle All You Want, The Planet Won’t Notice – A Video Interview with Gernot Wagner
Gernot Wagner, an Austrian economist at the Environmental Defense Fund, is a staunch advocate for living green. He's well aware that his deeds aren't even beginning to have a serious impact on the health of the planet. And neither are yours. 
Eco-labels: radical rethink required
Sustainability labels should focus more on actual company performance. When we talk about the “eco-label model” what are we really talking about?
Healthcare, finance sectors dominate BSE green index – Greenex
At the launch of the Bombay Stock Exchange's (BSE) green index on Wednesday, authorities said that there were possibilities that the index could be used to develop green funds, exchange-traded funds and structured products.
News & Thoughts on Carbon
Indirect Carbon Emissions and Why They Matter
More companies are recognising that lowering their carbon emissions leads to reputational and efficiency gains, which means savings to the bottom line and ultimately increased revenue.
EU politicians back plan to withhold CO2 permits
European Union politicians backed a proposal on Tuesday to withhold carbon permits from the bloc's emissions trading scheme (ETS) from 2013, paving the way for the EU commission to intervene in the market to prop up low prices.
News & Thoughts on Energy
With 42 green buildings, Chennai leads the pack
TamilNadu may be hobbled by a severe power shortage, but its capital is home to more green buildings than any other city in the country. Chennai is home to 42 of the 212 structures in India that are certified as eco-friendly.
Solar and Water-Powered Street Lights Take a Cue from the Mango Leaf
Designer Adam Mikloski has come up with a beautiful design for solar powered street lights in India. Mimicking the structure of a seedling and the shape of mango leaves, the concept design captures not just sunlight but also rain to power the lamps.
Chinese solar major offers financing for Indian projects
China Sunergy, one of China's larger solar module manufacturers, is willing to bring investments into solar projects in India.
Infosys, Wipro among top global companies in smart-grid software
Infosys and Wipro have been named among the top seven vendors in the world of smart-grid software, a recent research report of GTM Research has said.
News & Thoughts on Water
Balancing the Energy-Water Nexus
Energy and water. Water and energy. Both are critical to human development, and both are strongly interrelated. With few exceptions, water is necessary to generate and distribute energy.
Supreme Court go-ahead for interlinking rivers
The apex court of India has given the go ahead for the controversial inter-linking river project, seeking to transfer water from surplus to water deficit areas in the country.

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