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World Water Day
Hello, care for some water? Let’s pause on the World  Water Day, a day for consciousness of how bad things are going with our clean water. If our clean water is bad, we are faded to a rough future. Although we live on a planet covered with 3/4th water, only 1% of the world’s water is available for human use, the rest locked away in oceans, ice, and the atmosphere. And what we are doing to it is not so great, right from over exploitation of ground water to its contamination and from wastage of water to polluting water sources with industrial effluents and waste! If we treat our life sources so badly, we don’t expect any love from it back in the future.So let’s pause, think and act on how we conserve, use, recharge and replenish our water sources!Signing off from EfficientCarbon,

Team Carbon Chronicles

Water Management

News on Water

Water crisis looms over India

Water is a scarce resource to be allocated judiciously between various uses.


Water as a scarce resource: An interview with Nestlé’s chairman

The chairman of Nestlé explains why water is “by far the most valuable resource on this planet” and what we must do to conserve it.


What’s Your Company’s Water Footprint?

Resources such as water are more critical and valuable to a company’s operation (and brand value) than previously assumed.

Grand distraction called river interlinking

How the whole noise on River Interlinking in India has taken away the focus from water conservation and pollution.

Practical Action: Fix a Leak Week

Fix a Leak Week is celebrated in March of each year as a time to remind Americans to check their household fixtures and irrigation systems for leaks.

Carbon Management

News on Carbon

Greenhouse Gas Protocol Launches in India

Greenhouse Gas Protocol, is partnering with TERI in launching its two new tools, the Product Life Cycle and Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) Accounting in India.

Seeing Through the Carbon Fog

A Practical Guide for Dealing with Carbon Regulations in countries around the world.


Effective World Government Will Be Needed to Stave Off Climate Catastrophe

Human societies must now change course and steer away from critical tipping points in the Earth system that might lead to rapid and irreversible change.


News on Energy

IIT Bombay student develops indigenous smart grid application- files for patent

As demand for power is huge in the country, the technology will help in saving both electricity and money.


‘Solar City’ tag for Capital soon– Delhi

The MNRE has given its in-principle approval for developing the New Delhi Metropolitan Corporation area as a solar city.


World Solar PV Market Grew Considerably in 2011

Worldwide solar photovoltaic (PV) market installations reached a record high in 2011 — 27.4 gigawatts (GW), an increase of 40% year over year.


Cheap Solar Power at Night

Improved materials could make solar-thermal power cheaper, and energy storage easier. 


What We Learned About Nuclear Safety from Fukushima

Reactors must be able to handle the worst if we hope to prevent a repeat of last year’s meltdowns.

Sustainable Development

News on Sustainability

Overcoming Barriers to a Green Economy

How far have we come since the concept of sustainable development was elevated to the global policy agenda?

How integrated reporting can help companies see the bigger picture

By including environmental, social and governance information in their reports, businesses can reap significant benefits.

Big Business On The Sustainability Offensive

There is a growing trend for big companies to use sustainable concepts as core business drivers.


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