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Thank you! Welcome back.

Hope you are all having a great day. Thanks for all your support shown in the first issue of Carbon Chronicles. We hope to continue the good work and keep updating you on the latest in the fields of Sustainability, Carbon Markets, Climate Change, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy.

This fortnight we share with you an intriguing yet interesting research on Mobilizing for a resource revolution. Improving the energy efficiency of buildings is the world’s single largest resource productivity opportunity identified in this research.

“Simply cleaning the dust and dirt off the coils of a building’s air-conditioning unit,” says Walter Levy, CEO of the industrial-product manufacturer NCH, “allows the unit to operate more efficiently and thereby lowers its energy consumption up to 10 percent.” Companies are likelier to pursue such opportunities when they “look at maintenance as a return on investment,” says Levy.

With this relevance we feature updates on how maintenance is the key to lowering energy costs,Steps to Effective Workplace Energy Efficiency and opportunities to saving energy with compressed air improvements.

Other must reads are our inputs on demystifying Cloud computing – Green or Greenwash, and posts on Sustainable Development guidelines for PSUs, sun-drenched India’s initiatives towards harnessing solar power and “ Is sustainability now the key to corporate success?”

Happy reading then!

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Mobilizing for a resource revolution

Over the next quarter century, the rise of three billion more middle-class consumers will strain natural resources. The race is on to boost resource supplies, overhaul their management, and change the game with new technologies…

Solar energy brightens future in India

In October last year, Moser Baer Clean Energy commissioned a 30 megawatt (MW) photovoltaic (PV) solar power farm at Banaskantha district in north Gujarat.

Is sustainability now the key to corporate success?These days, it pays to be a company with clear sustainable policies. The broader societal concern about sustainability has grown from almost nothing in the early 1990s to a dominant theme today.Cloud Computing – Green or Greenwash?There is a lot of debate on whether going for Cloud based services is a greener and more energy efficient option.Data Centers are an inevitable part of Cloud Computing which is the latest buzz word in the IT world. Data Centers have become commonplace for most large organizations given the importance they attribute to Business Continuity.10 Steps to Effective Workplace Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is often called the low-hanging fruit of a clean-energy economy. Secretary of Energy Steven Chu likes to say it’s not just hanging, it’s rotting on the ground.

Social Responsibility for SME

The ongoing debate in Western economies regarding the role of corporates in widening the gap between the rich and the poor, exemplified by the Occupy Wall Street movement, has brought focus on ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’ in public discourse in India.

Business Could Save $173m with Compressed Air Improvements

Of the total energy supplied to a compressor, as little as 8 to 10 percent is converted to usable energy at point of use, making it a very inefficient and expensive way of transferring energy.

The supply chain is an essential part of the sustainability jigsaw

Larger organisations are increasingly accountable to shareholders and the government for their social and environmental impacts, but invariably the bulk of that impact lies outside internal practices and instead with the consumer and the supply chain.

Maintenance is Key to Lowering Energy Costs

As green thinking and sustainability come to the forefront of business practices, well-run maintenance department with a focus on energy efficiency are becoming increasingly important, according to web site Sustainable Plant.

Lessons in Sustainability From Gandhi

Article that draws a parallel between the beliefs of Mahatma Gandhi and Sustainability as we practice today.


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