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Linking Green Economy to National Happiness

A term often read these days “Green Economy”, but how many of us brush it away thinking the concept is too complex to understand. In the simplest terms, a green economy is an economy that achieves its economic objectives, while sustaining and protecting its natural resources and environment.

Green Economy: Does it include you? Is the 2012 theme for 5th June, World Environment Day.Alan Atkinson, the lead author of the report, Life Beyond Growth arrives at a simple equation Green Economy + National Happiness = Sustainable World.In this report he interestingly and innovatively links the green economy to national happiness.  Read more about this report at .This fortnight’s Carbon Chronicles issue brings you a feature on Germany’s journey towards a green economy. We track recent news in our segments on Carbon, Climate change, Water, Sustainability and EnergyWe look forward to your feedback so we can come back to you next fortnight much more resourceful!Enjoy reading!Team Carbon Chronicles

Efficient Carbon

News on Sustainability

News on Sustainability

The Path to a Green Economy – Lessons From Germany
How Germany is trying to make a substantial shift towards a green economy.

Will Rio+20 Spark a Green Revolution?
Protecting the environment comes at the cost of economic growth when it is in fact the opposite.

Vision is not enough, we need a route map to build sustainable economies
A new report from the WBCSD sets out the steps needed to accelerate the pace of change in addressing social, ecological and economic challenges.

A Tale of Two Desks: Integrated Reporting and the Road to Environmentally, Financially Sustainable Success
It is a tale of two desks, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO).

Spinning Super Strong Carbon Fibers From Old Plastic Bags
Scientists have come up with a genius solution to our massive problem of wasteful plastic bags: Use that plastic to form a new miracle material.

News on Carbon

News on Carbon

Petrol price hike’s hidden dangers
The petrol price hike announced on May 23 has further widened the gap between petrol and diesel prices. What will be its effect?

Indian scientist from Neeri develops technique to store and transport hydrogen
A NEERI scientist has developed a technique to first convert hydrogen into a form that is safe to store and transport.

One-minute phone call emits 3.6 grams of CO2 emission, says UK telecom giant O2
This means a five-minute call is the carbon equivalent to boiling water to make one cup of tea, O2 said.

Four Things Your Company Needs to Know about the Carbon Disclosure Project
It’s that time of year again when thousands of companies start preparing their annual Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Report.

News on Energy

News on Energy

Should We Praise Goldman Sachs for Pledging to Invest $40 Billion in Clean Energy?
Goldman Sachs announced plans to invest $40 billion of its own and its clients’ money in renewable energy projects over the next decade.

Solar Microgrids Bring Power To People Who Have Been Off The Grid Forever
New standalone grids may be the best way to get electricity into every home–and to keep polluting and unhealthy kerosene fires away.

‘Inexact’ Computer Chip 15 Times More Energy Efficient
New ‘Inexact’ computer chip is up to 15 times more energy efficient than today’s chip technology.

Last Weekend, Half of Germany Was Running on Solar Power
This is what can happen when citizens and government agree that it’s worth spending a bit more for clean, carbon-free power.

Energy News from India
News on renewable energy in India.

News on Water

News on Water

Mapping Global Water Stress
A new mapping tool visualizes how conditions can be improved to reduce the potential for water shortages between now and 2095.

It’s time to turn the tide on water mismanagement
As the issue of water scarcity becomes ever more pressing, all consumers and businesses need to take a closer look at their use of water-intensive products

Next Generation Wastewater Treatment Uses Hydrodynamic Forces to Clean Water
A new filter-less technology from PARC might be another big step in that direction.

From toilets to tap: How we get tap water from sewage
Singapore is unapologetically recycling sewage and other wastewater in a way that the city-state believes will help make it self-sufficient.


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