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Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development

“Rio+20 Earth summit is too important to fail – Ban ki-Moon”

As Governments, Businesses and NGO-activists meet in Rio De Janeiro from June 20-22, the whole world waits with bated breath on what will the outcome be. The track record of climate change meetings hasn’t been so great but there is hope. There is hope that nations will raise above politics and move towards embracing Sustainable Development. There is hope that the businesses – some of them with revenues dwarfing the GDPs of some countries – will commit themselves to growing without impacting the earth so much. Above all, there is hope that mankind will knock some sense into themselves and put forward steps to grow sustainably.

20 years ago, the first Rio conference happened and the term ‘Sustainable Development’ came to the global conscience. Although not a spectacular success, this conference initiated the steps towards some concrete actions towards Sustainability. Rio+20 is a chance to move away from business-as-usual and to act to end poverty, address environmental destruction and build a bridge to the future.

This edition of Carbon Chronicles captures the mood leading up to Rio+20. Some optimistic views and some not so optimistic views. Let’s wait and watch and hope that sense prevails in the world.

With lots of hope,

Team Carbon Chronicles,

Focus on Rio+20

Rio+20Rio+20 Earth summit is too important to fail, says Ban ki-Moon

Rio+20: Moving Ahead With The Sustainable Development Goals

Beyond Rio+20

News on Sustainability


Time For Outrage On Behalf of the Planet
It’s Time to Fight the Status Quo 

States with natural resources more economically sustainable: IFMR Study
States with abundant natural resources and less economic activity are environmentally most sustainable in India

How Unilever crowdsourced creativity to meet its sustainability goals
Unilever realized meeting Sustainability goals was going to be tough. So they got creative

The Green Economy: Combining Profit And Planet
Can creating business value and promoting sustainable development go hand in hand?

World Environment Day came and went: Has anything changed?
The general feeling: “The world continues to speed down an unsustainable path despite over 500 internationally agreed treaties”.

News on Energy

Energy Revolution Brewing in Bihar
With little fossil fuel reserves to speak of, Bihar will need to write a blueprint for a clean energy revolution to deliver on that promise

Comparing Energy Efficient Lighting Technologies [Infographic]

How Much Energy Does the Internet Use?
Much of the digital information is housed in data centers around the world, and running these data centers requires a huge amount of electrical energy.

Special solar cells produce electricity from underwater sunlight
Scientists from the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory have recently developed functioning underwater solar cells.

Energy News from India – June
Rajshree Cement, Delhi Metro and Cheapest electricity from Vadodara

News on Carbon


5 rules for carbon-efficient shipping
Requires closer collaboration and creative thinking by shippers, suppliers, packagers and retailers

India’s low-carbon technology market likely to be worth $135 billion by 2020
Billions of dollars worth of investment in clean technology and green energy are eyeing India

Cattle burp emissions from India lower than estimated
A study by Indian scientists, has estimated that methane emissions in the country from ruminants is lower than estimated

Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt Among 23 Hotels Launching Carbon Measurement Standard
The methodology, named HCMI 1.0, was first developed in 2011 and is informed by the GHG Protocol Standards

News on Water

Rainwater Harvesting In West Bengal
Rainwater harvesting is changing agriculture in West Bengal

Uttar Pradesh: The soil’s thirst quenched
Micro water harvesting projects have turned around rural life in the water-starved Bundelkhand region

Solving the World’s Water Problems through Technology
Some of the solutions involve creating more energy efficient treatment technologies, while others find better ways to collect data and harness it for more efficient operations

South African innovator takes water out of showering
Ludwick Marishane has won global recognition for an invention that takes the water out of bathing


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