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William Kamkwamba

“I tried. And I made it.”

Two very simple sentences. Two powerful sentences. We were watching this video on TED about William Kamkwamba, a 22 year old from Malawi, southeast Africa who built an electricity-producing windmill from spare parts and scrap to bring his family out of hunger and poverty. This act also inspired his entire village to get out of their poverty and harness their own energy and move their life out of hunger. Truly inspiring!

Harnessing the natural energy around us does not require high tech solutions, just some ingenuity and lots of determination.

You can watch the video on TED here:

We’re back with this fortnight’s issue of Carbon Chronicles with more news on Carbon, Climate Change, Water, Sustainability and Energy. Some key highlights of this issue you might be interested are on London Olympics cutting its carbon footprint, F1 team Sauber claiming Carbon Neutral status to Puma beating Apple in environmental rankings.

On the technology front, we are covering news on water impact tracking tools, growing food on water without soil and green gyms tapping energy from people to power cities – exciting!

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Efficient Carbon

News on Carbon

News on Carbon – Climate change

The Companies Combating Climate Change In The Most Innovative Ways

A new list has the usual suspects, and then some surprising ones.

London Olympics Carbon Footprint Is 20% Lower as Venue Sizes Cut

The London Olympic organizers cut their carbon-emission forecast for staging the event by a fifth after scaling back the size of venues

F1 team Sauber shifts into “carbon neutral” status

Formula 1 racing team Sauber has announced that it has obtained “carbon neutral” status.

India to pump in Rs 2 lakh cr in 12th Plan to save climate

The government is intending to plough in almost Rs 2 lakh crore through the various missions of NAPCC

News on Energy

News on Energy

Green gyms to tap power from the people

First outdoor gym converting workouts into electricity opens in Hull, with potential for 500 more across UK

Gujarat set to develop India’s first tidal energy plant

The state government has approved Rs 25 crore for setting up the 50 MW plant at the Gulf of Kutch.

How India is creating the next big solar market

With nations around the world vying for clean energy leadership, India has taken a bold step toward becoming a leader in solar development.

Energy efficiency norms for ACs would save up to Rs 1,000 cr: BEE

The energy efficiency regulations for air conditioners unveiled by BEE would lead to savings of up to Rs 1,000 crore by Dec, 2013

News on Sustainability

News on Sustainability

Returning to Rio to build a more sustainable future

Progress in some areas of sustainable development shows it’s possible to have robust economic growth together with environmental protection

Innovating business models for sustainability

Regulation, cost, reputation, revenue and risk management are driving many organisations to cut their carbon emissions, and become more sustainable.

Puma Earns A, Apple Takes Home D in EIRIS Sustainability Rankings

The report, titled “On track for Rio+20? How are global companies responding to sustainability?” identified 10 sustainability leaders

Recent Surveys show greater acceptance of Sustainability

About 70% of nearly 3,000 executives surveyed said that sustainability was on the management agenda in 2011 and will probably remain so permanently.

News on Water

News on Water

Farms Without Soil Take Root In The Middle East

No dirt? No problem. A new technique lets you start a farm anywhere.

New Water Calculator Helps Identify Ways to Reduce Impact on Local Water Resources

It’s not enough to look at just the amount of water available in a given area when assessing local water resources

The water agenda

A prolonged dry spell in peninsular India has led to a dip in water levels in major rivers such as Krishna and Cauvery.

‘Scrap 24 dams, save Ganga’

Wildlife Institute of India report warns against ecological impact of dams in Uttarakhand


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