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Ashok Gadgil and Ma Jun

“Make a dent in the universe” – Steve Jobs.

In our last issue, we spoke about the inspiring William Kamkwamba, the underprivileged person from Malawi. This issue, we are back with two more inspiring people, one an inventor and another an environmental activist who are both making huge dents in the universe with their work.Ashok Gadgil, a professor in University of California was one of the earliest proponents of utility sponsored energy efficiency (example: Bachat Lamp Yojana in India). He has an incredible track record of inventing simple yet effective devices that have been helping millions of people across the world. Read his story here: will be hardly anyone who doesn’t desire an Apple product. But what if you come to know that your iPhone’s production process is poisoning workers or the environment? Would you still buy it? That is what Ma Jun, an environmental worker from China forced Apple to agree and change its suppliers to the ones who are more sustainable. And it is not just Apple, companies like Coca-cola, Nike, GE and Microsoft too follow and report data on Ma Jun’s organisation, IPE (Institute for Public and Environmental Affairs). Read more about this incredible guy here: our issue, we have our regular coverage of issues on Sustainability, Carbon, Climate Change, Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy and Water.Hope that you like this issue of Carbon Chronicles and do give your feedback on our id:

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Team Carbon Chronicles

Efficient Carbon

News on Carbon

News on Carbon – Climate change

Microsoft Commits to Carbon Neutrality

Microsoft will charge an internal carbon offset fee starting in fiscal year 2012-2013 in its effort to be carbon neutral beginning July

Coke, Sony, Volvo and Other ‘Climate Savers’ Cut CO2 by 100 Million Tons

Members of WWF’s Climate Savers program cut their carbon dioxide emissions by more than 100 million tons over the period 1999 to 2011,


NREL Publishes Cradle-to-Grave Assessment of Greenhouse Gases from Energy Sources

The results are not surprising, but will serve as an important input on long-term energy infrastructure decisions.


Carbon economics can change climate behaviour

Real action on the cost of emissions is an essential part of long-term strategy post Kyoto, and business can take the lead


UK’s only carbon-neutral chocolate arrives by sailing ship

At £1.50 a mouthful, it’s the UK’s most expensive chocolate – but manufacturers say the price reflects the true cost of cocoa

News on Energy

News on Sustainability

The 2012 Sustainability Leaders

The 2012 Sustainability Leaders: Survey to better understand which companies and sectors of society, if any, are making any progress in advancing the sustainability agenda.


Potential Impacts of the New Sustainability ChampionsHow Management Can Change the World

ConAgra Foods’ green strategy: Award employees for sustainability efforts

ConAgra Foods saved millions of dollars while dramatically cutting its energy consumption by turning toits employees.


Visualizing sustainability’s rewards via MIT’s new interactive tool

Survey revealing that a significant number of companies see the value of sustainable business practices — and are reaping the financial rewards.

News on Sustainability

News on Energy

Daniel Martin’s Freeform Solar Panels Could Hexagonally Transform Architecture

Hexagon-shaped FreeForm Solar Powered skins do not just lie on top of buildings: they are an integral part of a building’s architecture

India reassesses its wind energy potential

Centre for Wind Energy Technology starts new wind assessment project


With Canal Hydropower, Still Waters Make Electricity

It’s a relatively cheap, painless way to provide affordable, sustainable energy to rural communities


Airborne windmills produce fifty percent more energy

Rather than situating windmills on the ground, a tethered wind turbine that generates power by flying aloft in large circles, much the way a kite does.


Get smart: Charge your phone while walking in this shoe

A modified Nike sneaker can recharge your phone as you walk. Just don’t expect more air in your jumps.

News on Water

News on Water

The world is running out of water — now what?

If current water usage trends continue, by 2025, two-thirds of the world’s population — or 5.3 billion people — will be vulnerable to water shortages.

Excessive Water Use ‘Threatening Business in Major Economies’

Unsustainable water use is threatening agriculture, other business and populations in China, India and the US.


The great water robbery

Private water tankers pump out water from the banks of lakes in the outskirts of Hyderabad city.


Water bodies in Vellore to be desilted

Vellore’s district administration takes steps towards rejuvenating traditional water bodies: Rs. 1.82 crore allotted


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