Download Whitepaper: Reviving the REC market in India – A Six Point Agenda

CropperCapture[9]REC Markets are not doing so great. How can good policies revive them?

This whitepaper from EfficientCarbon provides a way forward for Government organisations responsible for RPOs and RECs to help the REC markets and pave a way for increased spread of Renewable Energy in India.

This whitepaper will:

  • Explain the present conditions of REC markets
  • Give REC trading figures over a period of time
  • Give out a 6 point agenda to help sell more RECs


Download Whitepaper: Net Metering and Rooftop Solar

CropperCapture[8]Rooftop Solar is the way to go!

With rising costs and environmental awareness, many households and commerical buildings are opting for Solar Photo Voltaic systems as back-up power in order to reduce their dependency on diesel generators. And with subsidy support from government agencies, rooftop solar has never been more active. Read this report to know more.

This whitepaper will:

  • Provide information on various rooftop policies at the central and state level
  • Give you a basic insight into net-metering
  • Gives out a payback period for rooftop solar power plants installed as a part of AP’s net metering policy.


Integrated Water Resource Management for Sustainability in Organisations

Integrated Water Management DownloadWater issues have become the norm for businesses across the country and they will only increase further as time progresses.So how do organisations manage their water sources, consumption and discharge? Integrated Water Management may have the answers. Download the whitepaper to read further.

This whitepaper will:

  • Tell you why should care about your water sources, process and discharge
  • Help you identify the potential issues you face with water
  • Puts out a new perspective on Water Neutrality
  • Provides a framework for managing social issues that come with water depletion and discharge



20 thoughts on “Whitepapers

  1. Srinivas

    We can arrange equipment funding for your projects @ 5% interest rate.

    There is no EMI and collateral. Only interest is charged for 5 yrs.

    Customer needs provide only the LC. There is no restrictions on specific make/seller. It is upto customer’s decisionon finalization the seller.

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  2. Ankineedu.k

    Dear All,

    {bcc : All team members}

    As the solar market in India matures, Solartown envisions to have its footprint across the entire value chain. In accordance to this, we are creating three separate entities as below

    a) Solartown Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd : Solartown will be a pure-play solar developer catering to markets worldwide.

    b) Omorose Technologies Pvt Ltd : Omorose technologies will develop technology based solutions for the solar market place apart from providing installation/commissioning/OnM services across solar developers

    c) Aspiration Energy Ventures Pvt Ltd : This venture will provide provide funding for renewable technologies across the spectrum

    Keeping in mind the above changes, Below is the Org re-structuring plan

    Solartown will have the below departments

    a) Sales – Rajagopal will lead this team for TN/Karnataka
    b) Design – Himanshu will lead this team
    c) Operations – Yet to hire, Ramaraaj is the temporary stop-gap in charge
    d) PMO – Ramaraaj will move into this role shortly, We might add extra folks to this team depending on growth plans

    Omorose technologies will have the below departments

    a) Project Management/Construction/Service – Vignesh will lead this team, Basis expansion plans and projects under execution – We will beef up the team
    b) Hardware/Software development – Yet to hire
    d) Sales – Richard will lead this effort

    The accounting and finance teams will be shared for the above two organizations. This transition of team members will be complete by Dec 2016

    Aspiration Energy Ventures Pvt Ltd : This will be a separate entity with pure-play project finance team

  3. Ankineedu.k

    Good Morning sir
    If you have intrest to invest in our organisation
    Currently three projects in telanga
    1)1 MW plant ready to sale.
    2)Bio_ massively to power generation project 65 crore.
    3)220 crore solar plant ready to sale.
    And 10mw project to agreements process asap.
    Otherwise any investers intrest to solar projects.
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  4. Ankineedu.k

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  5. Parveen


    I along with my friend is intrested in setting up solar power plant in haryana. Please provide me complete detailed information required for setting up a plant.
    And please also explain following-
    1. How much land is required?
    2 How much intial capital is required and what are recurring expenses after setting up plant?
    3. What type of formalties are required to be completed?
    4. To whom we can sell electricity and at what rate?
    5. What type of regular maintainece is required?
    6. How much financial support is being provided by Govt or by Bank. 7.How much we have to invest from our own pocket?
    8. Manpower requirement . Connectivity to main city etc.

    Please also provide me all other details pertaining to settup of solar power plant



  6. ALI

    Dear Sir
    Greetings to you
    We kindly request you to contact us for EPC of Megawatt Solar Power plant in all over India. Regards. +91-9833872117 (ALI)

  7. Vijay Venugopal

    Requires detail and clarity on VGF support by MNRE/GOI, as we are planning for 10 to 20MW level SPV power plant in Tamilnadu.

    Thank you

    1. ALI

      Dear sir greetings to you, We kindly request you send your contact detail OR contact us for Solar power plan EPC at +91- 9833872117

  8. Anshuman

    Dear All,
    We prepare Fully customized Detailed Project Report for solar power plant.
    Detailed project report is a complete document for investment decision-making, approval, planning. Detailed project report is base document for planning the project and implementing the project. Preparation of detailed project report is a step in firming up the proposal. When an investment proposal has been approved on the basis of functional report and the proposal is a major proposal, it would be necessary for detailed project report to firm up the proposal for the capital cost as well as the various facilities.
    3.Site Description and potential
    4. Existing Power Supply Arrangements
    5. Functional description of SPV Power system
    6. Arrangement
    7. Annual Energy Generation
    8. Integration of PV Power with the Grid
    9. Metering Scheme
    10. Power Quality Requirement
    11. Communication Interface
    12. Estimates of Cost
    13. Phasing of Expenditure
    14. Cost of Energy Generation & Tariff
    15. Bill of material
    16. Implementation of work
    17. Construction Schedule
    18. Loan possibility
    19. Types of security
    20. Company Profile
    21- Meteorological and Climatic data of Proposed site( Last 20 Years)
    22-Main Plant equipments details
    23- REC
    24- CDM

    Charges – 9500/-( Advance)

  9. amaan sharma

    sir i want to be solar plant devlopers plzzzz guide me ………………………………8827764698 my number sir plzzzz help me

    1. ALI

      Dear sir greetings to you, We kindly request you send your contact detail OR contact us for Solar power plan EPC at +91- 9833872117

  10. surya

    good evening sir am i want setup a 2mw solor powerplant in Andhrapradesh near hyderabad per 1mw how much of the benfit per day in RS-rupees per month
    i have a 40 acres land is there so i want take 10 acres for 2mw
    i will plant shall i get benfit

    please give me information my no 08179655959

    1. ALI

      Dear sir greetings to you, We kindly request you send your contact detail OR contact us for Solar power plan EPC at +91- 9833872117


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