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Regardless of whatever industry you are in, climate change will have a profound impact on you, at least from a cost perspective…

From being in practically no discussion to being a central theme in most of the industries and sectors, Carbon has come a long way. While the debate continues between climate believers and deniers, a structured market is being built on the basis of attaching a value to Carbon emissions across the world. On the back of moderate success in Durban and great expectations from Rio+20, governments and businesses across are reacting to developments through cautious enthusiasm and preparing an action plan to combat what could be perhaps, the greatest challenge we have faced!

For every business and organisation, whether it believes that climate change will affect it adversely or not, the current situations necessitate a strong action towards two important objectives:

Cut down on non value added activities and hence costs to remain competitive.
Be seen among your customers as a responsible and caring brand/organisation.

An effective Carbon Management Plan helps you achieve these objectives.

EfficientCarbon, through its certified Carbon practitioners offers comprehensive solutions in the area of  Carbon Advisory.

Key aspects of an effective Carbon Management Strategy are Carbon Accounting, Setting Targets for Reduction, Implementing the Action Plan and Reporting your emissions. EfficientCarbon follows the widely accepted GHG protocol standards to account for your carbon emissions across a timeline and report it across the scopes – 1,2,3 (direct and indirect emissions).


A good carbon management strategy always takes along the entire stakeholders associated – from top management to employees to customers, suppliers, external agencies and government departments. Setting a Carbon Management strategy requires a long term vision, balance of resources and a strong commitment from the entire management to continue with the plan, no matter what.

Objectives of Carbon Management would be:
  • Identifying carbon reduction programs for immediate and future implementations, which will have a direct impact on the bottom-line.
  • Promote carbon reduction projects and build the organisation’s brand as a responsible and environment friendly company.


A Carbon Management Response Plan is a business planning tool that can be incorporated along with other business functions, to plan sustainability measures across the organisation in a better way.

EfficientCarbon advises its clients in setting up a comprehensive Carbon Management Plan to streamline its objectives and achievements for reporting. The organisational approach followed by us for developing a Carbon Management Plan is below:

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