We serve our clients in addressing their issues of Climate Change, Renewable Energy and Sustainability in a comprehensive and holistic manner through a pragmatic, constructive, focused and cohesive approach, customised to each client’s unique business context.

The services are aligned to advisory in the areas of Sustainability, Carbon and Renewable Energy. Click on each image to know more.

Sustainability Advisory          Renewable Energy Advisory


Addressing the aspects of Environment, Energy and Sustainability have taken the center-stage of every company’s long term strategy. Executives and Consultants around the world are allocating a large portion of their thinking in addressing challenges emerging from this areas through new technology, better management practices and innovative strategies. Transparency is a non-negotiable trait that customers the world over are asking for from corporations the world over.

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  1. Gurmeet Singh

    We are solar power consultants as well as EPC company based at Ludhiana(Punjab) in India.We are specialist in designing, installation, and maintenance of rooftop solar and open access(ground mounted) solar power systems for businesses and institutions. We provide end to end solutions right from site inspection to installation and commissioning since 2014.

    So basically Prudential Solar Power Consultants has two verticals:


    Under this vertical,we provide turnkey solutions for various renewable energy projects. We support our customer right from selecting our site for the project upto installation and maintenance of the same. With our technical expert team we provide turnkey solutions for solar rooftop projects from 20KW to MW capacity.


    In this model we will install the solar power plant at your site(rooftop or ground based) from 50KW to 800KW at our cost. You need to have power consumption of minimum 15000 units per month to qualify. We will maintain and operate the plant for you for 5-20 years. You will pay the electric bills to us at a minimum discount of 20% from your present power bills thus resulting in huge saving for you every year. This model is being greatly appreciated by schools,colleges,hotels,hospitals, factories etc. where there is huge power consumption.

    Please let us know of your interest in this model. We would be pleased to submit our quotation to you for the same.

    We also have investors and financiers who can invest in large scale commercial projects if you put in 20% equity from your end. We also specialize in arranging PPA’s for our clients all over India from the government as well as reputed private players

    Anticipating your positive reply,

    Gurmeet Singh
    Prudential Solar Power Consultants

  2. Gurmeet Singh

    We have following land and permissions, which we want to sell off at the earliest.

    1. Land

    · Having land of approx. 84.16 acre near Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

    · Suitable for solar power project and have done complete analysis for setting up solar project.

    · Covered with boundary wall and proper fencing.

    · Substation is only 3.5 Km with maximum possible grid availability coz it’s a Pumping Station.

    . Transmission line to evacuate 22MW is already constructed.


    Please mail your queries to or call 9915500493. Thanks.

  3. Gurmeet Singh

    We are basically solar power consultants and EPC contractors having the ability to design and construct rooftop solar power plants and large MW scale solar power projects.

    We also arrange PPA’s(Power Purchase Agreement) from the private parties and state power boards on long term basis. At present we have PPA’s available in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Tamil Nadu etc.

    If you have around 5 acres of land(own or long term lease) and Rs.1 crore(approx) to invest, then we could help and guide you in setting up solar power plant on your land on commercial basis. We would design,construct and commission the solar power plant for you.

    The average per unit PPA price ranges between Rs.4/- to Rs.5/-. There is no subsidy available for commercial solar power projects from the government’s end but you are entitled for ten years tax holiday. 80% accelerated depreciation benefit(tax benefit) is also available to you.

    Please call at 9915500493 or mail at for complete details.


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